Kaiser Permanente Cook II - On Call - KSMC in Clackamas, Oregon

Under the direction of the Department Manager or Supervisor, prepare a variety of quality foods for all areas of dining services; assist in the planning of menus and in the purchasing of staples. Be able to function under indirect supervision in the area of day-to-day food production.

Essential Functions: - Prepare nutritious and food products from basic ingredients using fresh sustainable products and scratch cooking. - Prepare or direct staff to garnish in an attractive manner. - Prepare all sauces, gravies, soups, roasted meats for carving, entrees and baked items for front of the house - Organize and maintain work flow in an effective manner in the food production area of department. - Participate in determining portion size and item prices. . - Communicate data to appropriate department staff. - Participate in planning of menus with attention to food cost. - Place order or relay information to person ordering food stuffs. - Check incoming orders for quality and quantity. - Note any damages or shortages. - Set up serving line. - Serve meals to guests in a courteous, pleasant manner. - Assist Dining Services Manager, Supervisor or lead person in the training of food service employees. - Ensure quality food service and sanitation. - Collect money and make change for guests in the absence of Cashier (at appropriate cash register in emergency cases only). - Complete cleaning according to daily and weekly schedules and dishwashing as needed. - Perform other duties as assigned by Dining Services manager. - Follows appropriate policies and procedures for use of time in work environment, including absenteeism and tardiness. - Monitors and takes corrective action to prevent recurring absences. - Returns promptly from breaks and schedules them in concert with co-workers to provide appropriate coverage of unit and client care activities. - Consistently on time and ready to work at the start of shift as well as assignments completed at end of shift. - Maintains confidentiality of al client and organizational records. - Releases information according to established policy/procedure. - Demonstrates a positive attitude while at the work site. - Does not conduct personal conversations when members are waiting for service. - Does not discuss other staff members, organization, or medical care in public areas. - Identifies self by utilizing name tags and verbally introducing self by name, title and/or department. - Addresses members by their proper titles and last name. - Provides assistance to customers or connect customers to appropriate person when needed. - Applies the same courtesy standards to customers on the telephone as in person. - This job description is not all encompassing.

Qualifications: Basic Qualifications: - Three (3) years restaurant/institutional cooking, chef background. - Must have institutional/restaurant cooking experience, including ability to prepare all foods from scratch, knowledge of production skills, catering, ordering, and receiving of supplies. - Experience handling convenience foods, stock rotation, and working with menus. - Ability and experience working in a cooperative manner in a small work group. - Current Food Handlers Card. - Must have effective oral communications skills, be able to write legibly, read, and follow written instructions. - Understand how to operate food service equipment. - Capable of working under indirect supervision only, and able to use sound judgment in minor decision-making. - Able to increase or decrease recipes as necessary. - Ability to select quality products and portion appropriately (produce, meat, fish, and poultry).

Preferred Qualifications: - Basic understanding of mathematics preferred. - Background in scratch cooking preferred. - Portion Control preferred.

COMPANY Kaiser Permanente

TITLE Cook II - On Call - KSMC

LOCATION Clackamas, OR