IBM Database Team Member in London, United Kingdom

Database Team MemberIBM Compose was founded in 2010. With a few mouse clicks, Compose produces production grade, auto-scaling database deployments with high-availability, redundancy, automated backups, security and monitoring features, and more. As we’ve expanded at IBM Compose, some team members have gravitated toward the platform enhancements, others to applications that interact with databases, and some have gravitated toward orchestrating and working with the databases. That last group is where we are looking to build out our team — the database orchestrators. Think of it this way: the platform team provides the playing field, and the database team are improving the stability and performance of the databases on that playing field. The database team also lets the platform team know what databases need in order to operate efficiently.Of course, it’s not a database for database sake. We improve the stability and performance of the databases for customers (as well as adding features and working through initialization and self-healing logic). Thus, each person on the database team is equal part engineering, system-of-systems analyzer, database researcher, and product manager. It’s a complex balance.Technical things we hope you’re good at (or can become excellent at):

  • understanding of databases. You will be doing cloud database administration, so we hope that you are deeply familiar with things like high availability, data integrity, and database performance.

  • diverse sets of use cases for various databases. You will need to be handy when dealing with both common and odd edge cases like Linux locale usage or MongoDB schema for simple graph problems or when to use a specific database for a search problem.

  • databases use of system resources. Hopefully you have some experience deep within the technical guts of the database, perhaps with Elasticsearch index usage or MySQL replication practices.

  • linux process management and resource utilization. A solid set of experiences with back-end engineering, in particular using things like linux system tuning, network performance monitoring, or database i/o usage to improve customer experience with their database.

  • tradeoffs in high availability systems used by databases - are you comfortable explaining CAP theorem tradeoffs?

Character traits…

  • self-managing and self-prioritizing with good team communication practices

  • empathy for customers and team members, yet an ability to say “no” when it is best for the product

  • inventive: database team members are kind of like the engineer on old ships — you may not have a solution and all the answers, but give you time and you can come up with one.

  • looking toward improvement: we all fail; it’s how we clean up our messes after the fail that makes a good product.

Think you're a match?IBM Compose implements anonymous merit based, objectively graded work samples as the first step in the hiring process. We have worked hard to minimize our own biases as much as possible and find the best possible humans for the team. We respect a fancy education or a list of spectacular previous accomplishments, but nothing is more impressive than the right combination of ingredients - which you can objectively demonstrate.At any time during the process, we are available to chat (email, video, whatever you like) to ensure you are comfortable with the process and feel that you're being treated fairly and with respect.We look forward to meeting you!Hiring: The IBM Compose WayThe overall interview process is reasonably simple: anonymized sample exercises are the first major step. If you do well, then we have you work a day with us (which we'll pay you for). Afterwards, the possibility of an offer. The whole process is usually done within a few weeks.We understand that this is a big commitment for talented people. We think it's worth it, though, and we've done a lot of work to ensure our hiring process is as transparent, objective and respectful as possible - completing this work is the first step towards an enduring and productive work environment.If you'd like to learn more about how we've built our hiring process, we've written about how we plan to scale Compose.

  • Quality experience writing idiomatic Ruby and/or Golang

  • Several years quality experience in Back-end development

  • Strong understanding of distributed systems

  • English : Fluent

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