Marsh & McLennan Energy Aggregate Analyst in London, United Kingdom

Job Purpose:

  • To be responsible for aggregate and exposure entry primarily for Energy (Onshore & Offshore) classes within Marsh Portfolio Solutions.

  • You will be required to interpret slips, submission materials and endorsements to enter and maintain aggregates and exposure details for Energy business (and other classes as required) onto the Marsh aggregate exposure software database (Sequel Impact).

  • Other activities include producing contracted analytical reports and any ad-hoc reports required by the Client or Marsh internal practices. This role sits in the Aggregates team, which is part of Marsh Portfolio Solutions, reporting to the team leader.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for entering and maintaining aggregate and exposure data (original risks plus endorsements) for all Energy business handled by Marsh Portfolio Solutions into aggregate software (Sequel Impact) ensuring integrity of data and keeping within team Key Performance Indicators for quality and timeliness.

  • Responsible for creating required exhibits for incorporation into quarterly/ annual reports based from data captured.

  • Project managing report responsibilities throughout process.

  • Responsible for answering ad-hoc queries in a timely manner and assimilating requests into required exhibits.

  • Attend client meetings as required to present exhibits and analysis.

  • Peer reviewing colleagues work on a regular basis and providing feedback.

  • Assisting with training other colleagues on how to process Energy Aggregates

  • Other tasks as required by management