Kaiser Permanente Polysomnographic Technologist in Martinez, California

The Polysomnographic Technologist is responsible for laboratory set-up, patient hook-ups & performing & evaluating ambulatory & overnight polysomnograms. Functions independently to safety operate sophisticated medical equipment to record sleep & wake physiology. Expected to work as a team member to perform any & all of the tasks required of each shift. Each tech is critical to the functioning of the whole team. Task sequence, methods, & procedures are set according to international standards guidelines & standards, & Sleep Clinic policy & procedures. The Polysomnographic Tech is expected to maintain a schedule which includes day, evening or night shifts.

Es sential Functions: - Reviews existing patient medical information, verifies physician orders prior to data collection, & implements lab protocols & procedures. Demonstrates knowledge regarding common sleep disorders. Demonstrates knowledge of & ability to perform standard testing procedures. Performs lab computer equipment calibrations correctly & in a timely manner. Demonstrates knowledge of the theory & operation of polygraphs. Demonstrates knowledgeable regarding the theory & operation of ancillary devices. Utilizes sleep clinic montages in an appropriate manner. Demonstrates the ability to troubleshoot technical problems in an effective & timely manner. - Distributes ambulatory equipment. instructs patients regarding hook-up procedure & testing process for overnight testing. Accurately & securely applies electrodes & sensors to patient, using universal standards, & according to clinic policy & procedures. Accurately & safety inserts Pes according to clinic policy & procedures. Appropriately fits patient for nasal mask during titration tests. - Performs data acquisition & collection procedures according to established protocols & procedures. Correctly recognizes & eliminates artifact during data collection to meet quality standards. Provides medications to patients per physician orders & according to policy & procedures. Appropriately responds to patient care needs. Performs CPAP & Bi-level titrations according to Sleep Clinic policy & procedures. Provides comprehensive tech notes, & log sheets during polysomnograhic testing rocedures. Generates a comprehensive technologist report to reflect testing procedures, patient testing outcomes, & environmental influences. Conducts urine screen according to policy & procedure. - Follows Infection Prevention policies & procedures. Practices universal precautions. Reports unsafe condition, immediately. Follows guidelines for emergency response during sleep recordings and/or testing procedures. Demonstrates knowledge of the emergency resuscitation procedure. Appropriately reprocesses packages & prepares supplies, according to Sleep Clinic policy & procedures for supply processing. - Seeks resources for direction, when necessary. Adjusts communication to match special age-specific needs. Adjusts practice /selects equipment to accommodate age-specific needs. Demonstrates acceptance of patient & family regardless of race, gender, disease process, life-style, sexual orientation, religious or cultural beliefs. Responds w/ patient & nonpatient emergencies according to policies & procedures. Assists in conducting educational in-services to patients relating to procedure & equipment. Demonstrates ability to provide patient follow-up care & information in an efficient & timely manner. Maintains patient privacy. - Manages information utilizing appropriate manual or electronic systems. Demonstrates knowledge & proficiency w/ file management system. Maintains confidentiality. Documents clinical information accurately & completely & within specified time. Adequately displays attention to detail in the laboratory environment. Demonstrates the ability to analyze data in a methodical, detail oriented, organized & timely manner. Maintains an expected competency rate of one & half hours per file for data analysis. Reviews consults & books appts.

Qualifications: Basic Qualifications: Experience - Two (2) years of experience as a Medical Assistant or other equivalent related health care experience. - Twelve (12) to Eighteen (18) months of experience in the field of Polysomnography required. Education - High School Diploma/GED required. - Graduation from a polysomnographic educational program approved by the Medical Board of California required. - To become registered: Must have graduated from a polysomnographic educational program approved by the Board. License, Certification, Registration - Current BLS issued by the American Heart Association required. - Current Registered Polysomnographic Technician (RPSGT) Certification required. - Current registration as a polysomnographic technologist by the Medical Board of California is required. - Medical Assistant Certificate or other related Health Care experience. - Must have passed a national certifying examination approved by the Board, specifically the examination given by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists. - Must have a valid, current credentials as a polysomnographic technologist issued by a national accrediting agency approved by the Board, specifically the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists. Note: Until 10/22/12, a polysomnographic technologist applicant may satisfy the requirements above by submitting proof that he or she has been practicing polysomnography safely for at least five (5) years.

Additional Requirements: - Demonstrated proven knowledge and competency in all aspects of Polysomnographic testing and procedures. - Computer proficiency and attention to detail required. - Strong organizational and interpersonal skills required. - Ability to work independently and accomplish a multitude of tasks within a team structure. - Ability to communicate effectively with all hospital staff, physicians, and the general public.

Preferred Qualifications: - Some college preferred. - Aptitude in utilizing standard laboratory equipment preferred.

COMPANY Kaiser Permanente

TITLE Polysomnographic Technologist