Northwell Health Nuclear Medicine Technologist in New York, New York

Req Number 001EP4

Job Category Nuclear Medicine

Job Description

Perform imaging procedures utilizing appropriate equipment and technique.

Responsibilities Include:

Perform imaging procedures utilizing appropriate equipment and technique •Positions patients appropriately •Positions camera close to patient •Performs appropriate imaging for body site •Collects significant procedure counts for adequate imaging.

  • Administration of appropriate radiopharmaceuticals safely under the direction of the nuclear medicine physician •Handles radiopharmaceuticals maintaining sterility •Wears monitoring badges •Utilizes shielding •Administers radiopharmaceuticals by appropriate route

  • Preparation and Safe handling of Radiopharmaceuticals •Wears appropriate lab attire Dispensing radiopharmaceuticals •Wears protective gear (gloves) •Utilizes lead shielding for “ALARA” •Utilizes other shielding as appropriate (e.g.; plastic for Sr89)

  • Process “raw” data and archives •Processes SPECT acquisitions using appropriate filters •Processes Renal studies •Processes Cardiac studies •Makes copies of images as requested •Transfers studies to network •Archives “raw” data and verifies its receipt in PACS. •Scans all relevant documents into PACS.

  • Perform quality control on imaging and gamma counting equipment •Performs QC procedures when assigned •Analyzes results •Advises Manager of possible problems

  • Documentation of receipt, elution, reconstitution, dispensing and disposing radiopharmaceuticals including quality control when appropriate. Utilizes the Nuclear Medicine System computer system for� •Receipt of radiopharmaceuticals •Dispensing radiopharmaceuticals •Reconstitution of kits •Documents dose administered to patients •Documents disposal of radiopharmaceuticals

  • Provide safe and appropriate patient care •Positions patients minimizing discomfort •Places patients on imaging equipment safely •Responsive to patients’ concerns regarding placement within gamma camera

  • Maintains a clean and safe work environment •Stores supplies in appropriate areas •Keeps work area clean •Replaces surface barriers that prevent spread of radioactive contamination •Recycles lead “pigs” back to vendor •Stores equipment in appropriate area

  • Performs related duties, as required.

*ADA Essential Functions


  • High School diploma or GED, required. Completion of two (2) years American Medical Association approved School of Nuclear Medicine Technology, required. Bachelor’s degree preferred.

  • Licensed by the State of New York to practice Nuclear Medicine, required.

  • Certified by the ARRT or NMTCB, required.