Frontier Communications ACCOUNT EXEC, ENTERPRISE in POMONA, California


The Account Executive is the catalyst behind Frontier Communications’ success as an organization. As a consultative sales professional, the Enterprise Account Executive is responsible for driving revenue growth and bringing in net new business from prospects and current customers into the large segment accounts. Enterprise Account Executives help solve the business needs of prospects and customers by aligning their needs and objectives with Frontier’s solution(s). Enterprise Account Executives own all opportunities and customers in the large account segment and are responsible for coordinating resources and managing the sales campaign across the entire opportunity pipeline.

Strategic Value of Role

Generate revenue for Frontier through new logo acquisition and current customer expansion:

  1. Exceeding projected revenue goals in the assigned region
  2. Landing new logo customers to improve market share
  3. Expanding product solutions to improve wallet share
  4. Providing network (product) solutions in and out of the Frontier footprint which ensures a competitive position across the State and Region


Your role as an Enterprise Account Executive is to close net new business and retain the existing customer base which you are assigned to. As an Enterprise Account Executive, you are responsible for all opportunities and accounts assigned to you in the large segment which are likely to fall across a myriad of industries. This responsibility requires the management of both pre and post-sales support resources throughout sales campaigns. An Enterprise Account Executive reports to a Regional Sales Manager.

The Enterprise Account Executive team is responsible for all customers and opportunities in their segment across Frontier’s business. They fulfill a vital role of leveraging leads provided by Marketing, prospecting new leads, handling different kinds of sales scenarios and ultimately closing sales opportunities. The Enterprise Account Executive’s main goal is to turn as many opportunities into closed-won deals as possible. Once an opportunity has been closed, the Enterprise Account Executive’s job is to help manage the initial phases of post-sales support and ensure implementation is set up according to the commitment. This is achieved through the support of additional resources - such as Pre-Sale Technicians and Sales Engineers and Post-Sales Project Managers, Engineers, and Customer Service Advisors – whose goal is to help you close and fulfill the deal.

  • How does the Enterprise Account Executive team generate value for customers?
  • Gain a deep understanding of the prospect or customer’s processes and problems
  • Ensure the right questions are being asked and answered
  • Obtain qualitative and quantitative data which can be leveraged by the sales support team to identify the right solution(s)
  • Justify all investments through compelling and customer-focused business cases
  • Understand the competitive landscape to ensure the ‘best value’ is proposed and sold
  • Determine next steps and turn strategic discussions into tactical implementations
    • What makes a great Enterprise Account Executive?
  • Customer Focused: Approaching all opportunities through the lenses of the prospect or customer in a highly motivated manner
  • Deal Closer: Understands how to prospect and close an opportunity
  • Strategic: Able to prioritize and manage multiple accounts within a region
  • Insightful: Pays attention to details and can bring unique value on every customer interaction
  • Resourceful: Able to overcome obstacles and barriers to find appropriate sales solutions

Career Path

  • Advancement within Frontier sales organization.
  • Positions within sales management, product marketing, sales operations and sales enablement.

Why consider this role?

  • Participate as a member of a world-class sales organization who is a leader in their markets
  • Be an integral part of a robust pre-Sales support team that includes local Sales Engineers, Regulatory, Field Operations, Product Management, Sales and Service Technicians, and a robust partner network – all motivated to help you win the deal
  • Work for a successful leader in high performance communication technology industry with a positive track record of providing great solutions for our customers.
  • Become a key member of your community through not only what you sell, but also your participation in community activities
  • Experience income and career growth potential within an S&P; Fortune 500 company who continues to grow
  • Receive benefit of a centralized and Region marketing organization providing highly qualified leads
  • Benefit from a customized B2B selling process that includes Sales Aids, guidance, a Playbook, and a tightly linked CRM.


  • Prospect for new business
  • Collaborate with peers and management around ways to continually improve the sales organization
  • Identify customer needs and effectively understand and respond to customer objections
  • Connect client’s business objectives with Frontier offerings and solutions
  • Negotiate and close as many sales campaigns as possible
  • Provide guidance on customer and prospect strategic initiatives
  • Provide expertise around particular areas of interest to discuss industry best practices and development of high level strategies
  • Retain current customer base and expand footprint through cross/up sell opportunities
  • Effectively sell our comprehensive solution of high speed broadband, advanced voice products, satellite video and personal online and data security solutions across a wide range of industries
  • Assist the customer in maximizing the return of their investment with Frontier
  • Be proactive in all aspects of opportunity development
  • Build and expand relationships with Economic Buyer in prospect and customer accounts
  • Establish yourself as a ‘Trusted Advisor’ to the prospect or customer
  • Bring net new and innovative ideas to the both internal team and the customer
  • Assist in creating an environment of team work and continuous improvement
  • Demonstrate a commitment to excellence (i.e. strong business acumen)
  • Partner with sales and additional pre-sales engagement members to align goals and ensure ongoing refinement

*Competencies *

Summary of competencies necessary to be successful in this position:

Selling Skills

Sales Approach

Handling different sales scenarios; setting agenda; using Call Plans; following sales process guidance and tool usage; adopting best practices; serving as a sales role model to others; thought-leading customers

Closing Ability

Winning sales campaigns after they have progressed past Needs Development; closing late stage deals; developing reasons for prospects to act; overcoming late stage deal obstacles; winning confidence and support of late stage new entrants to the sales campaign; experiencing late stage delay

Retaining Customers

Gaining customer loyalty; possessing personal connections with accounts; asking for references; preventing customer attrition; serving as a trusted advisor; generating repeat business

Selling Knowledge

Learn New Products

Demonstrating understanding of new products and solutions; presenting new products to customers; integrating new product solutions into existing campaigns; upselling; generating interest in new products; attaining customer understanding of new solutions and products

Insight Generation

The ability to create new demand by proactively brining new points of view to target account. Can find and pinpoint problems and challenge conventional thinking. Pays attention to details and can bring unique value on every customer interaction.


Strategic Skills

Using methodologies to spot and exploit opportunities in account positioning; managing individual goals that correspond to a region view; understanding and adopting corporate strategic goals; conducting executive-level discussions with senior staff at assigned accounts; producing a strategic territory plan; articulating customer value proposition and linking solutions to the customer strategy

Leading Edge

Leading peers in knowledge acquisition; adopting new sales strategies and tactics produced by corporate; integrating new ideas from sales force effectiveness industry into cadence; developing and/or modifying sales-related tools; sharing ideas with group/team members; establishing a reputation from customers for early adoption of leading edge industry-specific ideas

Social Selling

Social Reach

Establishing a strong virtual network of peers, customers, and executive buyers; Can build and connect with Personas through virtual messaging; Relies on strong network to generate new logo, upsell, and cross-sell opportunities, leverages relationships to build connections in difficult to penetrate accounts.

Sales 2.0 Skills

Business Case Development

Developing business cases; identifying financial figures of merit; presenting business cases; creating business case without active cooperation of the customer/prospect; creating business case pro-formas to stimulate discussion; developing solution options to gain customer ownership

Domain Expertise

Demonstrating market and industry knowledge; maintaining status as a student of specific industry; articulating changing market and products and solutions; leveraging leading edge terminology; explaining complex concepts to all levels in customer orgs based on domain knowledge


  • Deep understanding of the network attributes, complex communication products, and solutions sought by Medium level accounts (existing and prospects)
  • Proactive in adopting sales best practices and a leader in process adherence
  • Win sales campaigns after they have progressed past needs development by developing reasons for prospects to act
  • Ability to gain customer loyalty by serving as a trusted advisor
  • Can demonstrate market and industry knowledge and recognizes changing market trends
  • Driven to understand new products and solutions and integrate new product solutions into existing campaigns
  • Displays ability to create new demand by proactively brining new points of view to target account
  • Can identify and articulate customer value proposition and links solutions to the customer strategy
  • Strives to lead peers in knowledge acquisition, adopting new sales strategies and tactics produced by corporate and integrating new ideas from sales force effectiveness industry into cadence
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate with internal stakeholders
  • Highly persuasive
  • Highly resourceful when need to overcome barriers and objections
  • Ability to communicate with all levels within customer/prospect’s organization
  • 2+ years previous business-to-business experience in one or more of the following areas with a documented track record of success:
  • Complex and Consultative Sales Environment
  • Selling individual products and integrated complex communication solutions throughout an organization
  • Communications industry experience(s) a plus

Candidate must have a valid State driver’s license and clean driving record.

Frontier is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law._ _For more information please visit:

Job Location: POMONA, California, United States

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular

Tracking Code: 318844-798