Frontier Communications BUILDING SERVICES TECH in POMONA, California

Posted Internally: 12/29/16 to 1/6/17

Location: 1400 Phillips Blvd Pomona, CA 91766

Headcount: 1

Building Services Technician


Repair, troubleshoot and maintain company building assets to include the following equipment and systems: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, fire alarm, building automated systems, electrical equipment. Perform scheduled preventative maintenance and inspections. Maintain building appearance. Operate company vehicles and other equipment/tools as required.

General Duties

Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

A. Maintain and inspect heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems including, but not limited to air handling systems, air conditioning systems, water treatment systems, heating systems, pneumatic/electric control systems, VAV Systems, and other associated equipment.

B. Repair plumbing to include, but not limited to sump pumps, water fountains, bathroom fixtures, hot water systems, chilled water systems, and other associated equipment.

C. Maintain and inspect fire alarm systems to include, but not limited to fenwal detection/suppression systems, pyrotronics high/low voltage systems, sprinkler wet/dry systems, and other associated equipment.

D. Maintain, monitor and modify system programs and set points on all building automation systems and their interface.

E. Maintain all electrical equipment to include, but not limited to motors, interior/exterior lighting systems, electrical devices, uninterrupted power supply systems, battery systems, and other associated equipment.

F. Perform scheduled preventive maintenance and inspections on all identified equipment.

G. Maintain building appearance to include, but not limited to maintenance of interior/exterior surfaces, grounds, concrete/asphalt maintenance, maintain cleanliness of equipment rooms and equipment, etc.

H. Work is performed indoors and outdoors in the heat and cold, in many cases during adverse weather conditions.

I. Job involves performing work in a variety of settings and in a variety of positions i.e., close quarters in a stooped or bent position, on a ladder, a roof, in an underground vault, etc.

J. May be required to perform additional duties and tasks as required by the Company.

Basic Qualifications

A. Tests– Results obtained in standard tests for this position must meet minimum requirements established by the Company, in accordance with Company policy.

B. Experience – Must have five years experience in the field of commercial air conditioning and heating where heating, ventilation and air conditioning were the predominant duties of the job. Desired education of two years in a trade school HVAC/electrical or technical training from the military or three years in a recognized apprenticeship program.

C. Must possess a Universal Technician Certification for serving all equipment types as approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) as in accordance with the U.S. Clean Air Act, section 608.

D. Must possess, at time of appointment, a valid California class “A” or “C” driver’s license and, if required at the assigned job site, must demonstrate proficiency in the operation of a vehicle equipped with standard (manual shift) transmission.

E. Must possess the ability to perceive difference in colors.

F. Must possess the ability to distinguish audible tones/levels.

Frontier is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity M/F/D/V

Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate disabled individuals

Job Location: POMONA, California, United States

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular

Tracking Code: 317980-798