IBM zOS Batch Operations (Mainframe Production Support) in RIYADH, Saudi Arabia

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  • Monitoring the TWS Ready List and Current Plan for running jobs - identifying and investigating failed batch jobs

  • Maintain daily plan schedule - understand manage and maintain the daily planning process

  • Understand, manage and maintain the Long Term Plan and its processes

  • Build, administer, manage and maintain batch jobs in schedules and batch schedule groups hosted in the TWS Application Database

  • Able to fully operate and exploit the features of the TWS scheduling package including batch monitoring, special resources, Event Trigger Tracking (ETT), Conditional scheduling, TWS JCL variables and variable substitution

  • Understanding of JCL, procedures and batch processing

  • Good understanding of the workflow processes of a batch job; SDSF navigation, JES2 interrogation; JES2 and WLM initiation.

  • Configure and understand the auditting reports available with TWS

  • Ownership and maintenance responsibility for the job JCL for batch jobs scheduled via TWS

  • Communicate with team owners regarding job JCL or batch suite changes as well as batch job problems.

  • Liaise with System Programmers regarding the maintenance patching and new versions of the scheduling product - support, test and validate functionality ensuring all processes work as expected.

  • Good understanding of sysplex and scheduling configurations in a sysplex datasharing environment.

  • Provide daily communication and coordination across the operations area and interactive with the 24/7 Operations team

  • Good problem determination skills; able to escalate and follow ITIL processes when dealing with incidents and changes.


  • TWS, JCL, Procedures, Variable substituion, REXX, VSAM, JES2 Operations, SDSF, IBM Utilities, batch flow processes, sysplex

More than 3 years of related experience

Domestic Delivery