Silgan General Labor in TRENTON, Tennessee

Sorter - inspects individual sheets of metal from selected bundles to check for lamination coverage; dents; stains; digs; scratches, burrs, and other flaws. Palletizer Operator - palletizes layers of cans onto chipboard, including being responsible for proper inspection of finished product for quality standards, layer uniformity, pallet tag information, and ability to maintain line overall performance. Tail Gunner - handles each sheet mannually; grasping an individual sheet from the top of the wickets at discharge of the oven to viusually inspect on both sides, including stack uniformity, counter integrity,and delivery of pallet tag information. The General Labor is generally in cross-trained in operations with the opportunity to progress to another position or relieve in another position. Forklift experience required.

Job Requirements:

A basic mechanical/technical aptitude. The ability to learn production processes with attention to detail and quality. Flexibilty to rotate shifts and work overtime as required. ability to meet the physical demands of production work, including sitting, crouching, stooping, bending, standing, walking, kneeling, climb/balancing, lift/carrying up to 30 pounds, reaching, push/pulling, twisting, working with heights and good manual dexterity. Forklift experience required.

Requisition ID: 9006