Samaritan Health Services CNA 2 in Albany, Oregon

JOB SUMMARY/PURPOSE Contributes to the nursing care of patients by completing direct patient care duties under the direction of the Registered Nurse. DEPARTMENT DESCRIPTION The Intensive Care Unit/Critical Care Unit support patients experiencing a variety of complex and high risk conditions and provides care through advanced knowledge and experience in a setting that provides intensive monitoring, assessments, and interventions. EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION/QUALIFICATIONS High school diploma or equivalent required. Current unencumbered Oregon CNA Level 2 certification required. Healthcare Provider Level BLS required. One (1) year experience in a hospital or long term care facility preferred. KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS/ABILITIES Time Management: Ability to organize, plan and prioritize work to complete within required time frames and to follow-up on pending issues. Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and thrive in dynamic fast-paced environments and under pressure. Social Perceptiveness: Ability to work with a diverse population from pediatrics to geriatrics. Basic understanding of age-related differences in caring for and/or communicating with patients and caregivers. Possess personal sensitivity to the needs and experiences of others and a non-judgmental attitude towards persons of differing standards, values, lifestyles, and ages. Communication: Effective written and oral communication skills to explain complex issues, exchange information between team members, and tactfully discuss issues. PHYSICAL DEMANDS Rarely (1 - 10% of the time) Occasionally (11 - 33% of the time) Frequently (34 - 66% of the time) Continually (67 # 100% of the time) CLIMB - STAIRS LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0#-36#) 40 - 60 Lbs SQUAT Static (hold #30 sec) KNEEL (on knees) SIT LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0#-36#) 20 - 40 Lbs LIFT (Knee to chest: 24#-54#) 0 - 20 Lbs LIFT (Waist to Eye: up to 54#) 0 - 20 Lbs LIFT (Overhead: 54# and above) 0 - 20 Lbs CARRY 1-handed, 0 - 20 pounds CARRY 2-handed, 20 - 40 pounds SQUAT Repetitive ROTATE TRUNK Sitting REACH - Upward PUSH (0-20 pounds force) PULL (0-20 pounds force) STAND WALK - LEVEL SURFACE LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0#-36#) 0 - 20 Lbs CARRY 2-handed, 0 - 20 pounds# BEND FORWARD at waist ROTATE TRUNK Standing REACH - Forward MANUAL DEXTERITY Hands/wrists FINGER DEXTERITY PINCH Fingers GRASP Hand/Fist None specified

Weekend Required: Every Other

Salary Range: $14.14 - $21.11

Overtime Rule: 12+40

Posted: 03/06/2018

Req #: 40054