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MissionEssential Special Programs Analyst in ARLINGTON, Virginia

Mission Essential is currently seeking Special Programs Analysts to apply the principles and techniques of inductive and deductive reasoning, and subject-matter knowledge of either a geographical area or a functional area to the production of finished intelligence reports. He/she will exploit, interpret, and project existing data to fill gaps in information, request the collection of data to fill gaps in knowledge, and review and evaluate finished intelligence reports from the point of view of their specific subject-matter fields.Special Programs Analyst will support the 24/7 monitoring team, which monitors open source and social media in accordance with established monitoring priorities, performing cursory, initial triage of content to eliminate information that is from sources known to be provocative, parodic, or similar; maintaining an internal database of sites and users known to be valuable, reliable, unreliable, or parodic; and creating cursory, standardized reports per Program SOP to provide to analytical team for further analysis. Able to lead activities of mid-level complexity and participate as a team member of more complex engagements.Special Programs Analyst will provide supplemental analytical support to support to projects driven by emerging or special events or as otherwise directed by leadership for a limited duration. He/she will provide analytical support, i.e. analyze information provided by monitoring specialists for value and accuracy, identifying and including additional information, as needed, from classified and law enforcement databases. This contractor reports to a Special Programs Lead, who determines the priorities and deadlines for assignments and provides general guidance.Special Programs Analyst will provide open source analysis, advice, assistance, and support to overseas DS personnel, domestic investigative offices, protection details, protective intelligence offices, intelligence analysis offices, and other DS and external consumers. Products include researching, compiling, correlating, and interpreting data pertinent to assessments of threats, suspicious and hostile activities, and significant incidents.He/she will utilize numerous datasets (commercial, law enforcement and USG), specialized tools, and advanced assessment and analytic techniques to identify and analyze individuals and groups that may pose threat(s) to the Department; identifies opportunities to mitigate threats through a variety of analytical processes; and makes recommendations regarding threats to other DS offices and/ or law enforcement, defense, and intelligence partners.He/she will review incoming open source intelligence and referrals from the monitoring teams to produce analytical products for consumers which assess the accuracy, credibility, validity and relevance of the information and sources.;He/she will prepare detailed analytical reports related to open source intelligence assessments of threats, suspicious and hostile activities, and significant incidents.He/she will plan and coordinate the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of open source intelligence as requested by investigative and protective intelligence operations, including operations in support of large scale, multi-national events domestically and abroad.He/she will develop a variety of analytical products in support of consumer’s investigative and protective intelligence operations. He/she will identify and research requirements, directives, intelligence databases, and various sources to gather, analyze, and publish intelligence products information.He/she will perform searches of records and develops information to support Department responses to requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Privacy Act of 1974 and litigation taskers. The appropriate Government Officials retain final decision authority on decisions of what information can be released.He/she will provide expert technical advice and guidance in the planning and execution of open source collection and analysis operations.He/she will prepare and present written and oral briefings to special agents, Program management, Bureau and Department leadership, and law enforcement, defense, and intelligence partners on significant and complex investigative and protective intelligence issues.He/she will assist training teams in the development of training modules by providing operational information and feedback on new training opportunities for Program staff and overseas monitoring elements regarding open source monitoring and operations.He/she will build and maintain relationships and collaborative networks within the Department and across the law enforcement (federal, state and local), security, and intelligence communities to share information, best practices, and lessons learned. Where appropriate, establishes and maintains liaison within the Department and across the law enforcement, defense, and intelligence communities to represent the office and the Bureau; obtain resources and support; and plan and coordinate activities.He/she will develop and implement new and innovative strategies for gathering open source information or intelligence in support of DS priorities; and also the mitigation initiatives to address gaps and shortfalls in the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of open source intelligence.He/she will perform other related duties as assigned.