Hilton Assistant Public Area Manager in Beijing, China

This position is concerned with supervising group of cleaners to maintain the public area within the hotel premises in high cleaning standard constantly and maintain all the equipment are functional.


  1. To makeyearly/monthly/weekly/daily cleaning schedule and ensure implementation.制定年度,月度,每周及日常清洁计划并确保执行实施。
  2. To arrange the cleaning plan accordingly and instantly based on the daily inspection.根据每天检查问题制定相应及时的清洁计划。
  3. Daily check the hotel plants and contact supplier to ensure it in good condition.确保酒店公区植物的状态完好。
  4. Coordinates with Engineering and other related departments to ensure the hotel facilities in good condition.与工程部以及其他相关部门确保酒店公区设施设备工作状态良好。
  5. Make reasonable duty roster according to hotel operation situation.根据酒店运营情况制定员工排班。
  6. Well manage the cleaning chemical and cleaning equipment storeroom.管理清洁药剂和清洁机器的库房。
  7. Ensureall cleaningtoolsand equipmentsarewell maintained daily.


  1. Good knowledge of PA operation.具有良好的关于PA基本运作方面的专业知识。
  2. Effectively understands and uses resources.有效理解和利用资源。
  3. Ability to lead and guide a small group of subordinates.具备一定的领导能力。
  4. Good knowledge for using chemicals and cleaning machine.具有良好的清洁机器及清洁剂使用方面的技能。
  5. To maintain high team focus by showing co-operation and support to colleagues in the pursuit of team goals.具有极强的团队精神,通过合作及对同事工作的支持达到团队的目标。

Job: Housekeeping and Laundry

Title: Assistant Public Area Manager

Location: null

Requisition ID: HOT04YBZ