Hilton Junior Sous Chef in Beijing, China

It is the mission and intent of this position to assist the Sous Chef to Management and Leadership of a smooth running Culinary Operation and Maximize the highest level of standards at the Kitchen of the Hotel.


  1. Planning, Preparation and Implementation of High Quality Food& Beverage Products and Set-up’s in all Areas and Restaurants.计划和准备执行高质量的食品和摆设在指定的餐厅。
  2. Seamless working with Recipes, Standards and Plating Guides.严格按照菜谱、标准和摆盘标准。
  3. Maintenance of all HACCP aspects within the hotel operation.在酒店运营之中保持HACCP各方面要求。
  4. Correct usage of all equipment, tools and machines.正确操作所有的设备、器具和机器。
  5. Must focus on constant improvement of Training Manuals and SOP’s.必须对具有持续性的人员培训和标准与程序的提高和改善保持关注。
  6. Attend Daily Chef Briefings in the absence of the Sous Chef.在厨师长缺席的情况下出席每日厨房会议。
  7. Can be asked to work for off site events.可以被要求进行外卖工作。
  8. Can be asked to complete tasks and jobs outside the kitchen areas.可以被要求在厨房以外的地点完成工作。
  9. Can be utilised during inventories.可以被要求进行盘存工作。

3-5 years as Head of Kitchen in 4/5 Star category Hotel or individual restaurants with high standards.三至五年厨房经验在四/五星级酒店的咖啡厅或很高级别的个体餐厅。

Minimum requirements-High school graduate, Preferred – Completed Technical education in Hospitality or Culinary school .


Good command in English (verbal & written) .


Up to date Sanitation Classes.


Health Certificate


Job: Culinary

Title: Junior Sous Chef

Location: null

Requisition ID: HOT04YC0