Oracle Director SaaS Cloud Security Red Team in Bellevue, Washington

Director SaaS Cloud Security Red Team

Preferred Qualifications

Position Overview

We are looking for

a seasoned cloud security “Red Team” Director to join our efforts in reshaping

the cloud services landscape across industry verticals and leading a team of

cloud security ethical hacking engineers to revolutionize the delivery

of Cloud Services to the world’s most critical organizations. The SaaS Cloud Security organization is

responsible for securing enterprise-grade software services on behalf of our

25,000 customers, processing over 60 billion transactions per day.

As a Director and a security engineering manager

responsible for the SaaS Cloud Security Red Team, you will oversee the

development of red teaming methods and ethical hacking activities within the

Oracle SaaS cloud and infrastructure.

You will play a critical role in the design, development and execution

of multiyear ethical hacking strategies designed to improve the security and

certification posture of Oracle’s SaaS services.

This organization will be responsible for emulating

advanced persistent threat (APT) and other sophisticated cyber attackers to

perform internal/external attack testing, planning and coordinating attack

campaigns to mimic known adversarial tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs)

to support the SaaS Cloud Security Detection and Response team to derive

indicators of compromise that can then be leveraged during hunting activities,

technical security research and supporting external customers with the Oracle

SaaS Automated Cloud Security services.

This position requires strong people management experience,

deep technical security knowledge and hands on strategic leadership in building

a successful ethical hacking team organization, motions and tactical execution

methods. With your deep security and cloud experience, you will shape

not only the future of cloud development and adoption at Oracle – but influence

the global security landscape in key vertical industries.

Behind every mission-critical Cloud service is a

sophisticated SaaS architecture supporting the largest companies in the world, employing

the most advanced software engineering.

We are proud to support those services and team with customers who

depend on them, continually innovating and challenging the status quo. Our team environment is progressive,

flexible, professionally challenging, rewarding, and fun.


Expects Results : Consistently drives high standards for each

individual, the team, and the organization to accomplish key goals.

Communicates andInfluences : Clearly

communicates information and ideas to individuals and teams in an articulate,

focused and compelling way. Willing to

offer intellectual mindshare.

Is Analytical andInstinctual : Compares information from multiple sources to identify

core issues. Uses data to make decisions

but also understands that instinct plays a part in innovating. Always uses good common sense combined with

Emotional Intelligence.

Possesses Strong Technology and Architecture Acumen : In-depth understanding of technology, architecture

leadership and software development with the ability to draw from personal

experience to make recommendations.

Builds and MaintainsHigh Performing Teams : Attracts, develops, engages and retains

talented team members by creating an environment where people can realize their

full potential. Is ego-free. Acknowledges the work of others first.

Key Responsibilities

  • You

will build and lead the team in planning and conducting ethical hacking attacks

on internally or externally hosted applications and infrastructure on a global

scale with an emphasis on critical functions targeted by adversaries.

  • You

will be actively participating in attack analysis duties as part of security

incident response in order to enable the team to remain abreast of the latest

adversary TTPs.

  • You

and the team members will be planning, designing and engineering scripts,

frameworks, tools and the methods required for facilitating and executing

complex attacks and emulating adversarial TTPs.

  • You

will be leading and growing the ethical hacking and pen testing organization on

a scheduled and planned rotation basis to advance the team skills, experiences

and capabilities.

  • You

will lead effective reporting, communication, status and solution

recommendations based on missions and hunting activities to leadership.

  • You

will ensure we have effective knowledge management of findings and review

results of any attack campaign in order to determine severity of findings and

identify potential remediation or mitigation strategies.

  • You

and the team will lead in-depth research of the latest adversarial TTPs and

technologies to remain at the bleeding edge of cloud security ethical hacking

and security protections.

  • You

will be a driver of creating a culture of project quality and attention to

detail at Oracle through your multi-faceted leadership approach including

results your team delivers, your hiring practices, and your dedication to

growing the individuals on your team into strong Oracle security leaders.

  • You

will regularly educate senior leadership regarding the strengths, weaknesses,

opportunities, and threats associated with strategic red teaming.

  • You

will provide regular threat/risk briefings to senior leadership regarding

issues raised by the red team and adjust red team activities and agenda based

on senior leadership input.

  • You will work closely with your partners and

peers in security operations who leverage your research, analysis and results

to assist in driving security innovation and world class security solutions to

internal and external customers.

  • You will influence and assist in new

security solutions, security processes, security standards to support hyper-scale SaaS growth.

Ideal Experience

  • Executive level understanding and experience of cloud

security intrusions analysis

and security incident response.

  • 6 years leadership experience managing a security ethical

hacking team for a large-scale IaaS/PaaS/SaaS Cloud Service Provider, or

Fortune 500 company.

  • Deep technical understanding of security architecture, engineering,

deployment, and operation best practices.

  • Strong and hands-on experience/knowledge in the following areas:


Web Penetration Testing (injection,

XSS, validation, session mgmt., web services etc.


Database (Oracle, MSSQL, and MySQL:

hosting, configuration, etc.).


Network (protocols, traffic

analysis, wireless, etc.).


Operating System (UNIX, Solaris,

Linux, Mac, Windows: configuration, file system, etc.).


Development (coding, scripting, SQL,

computer architecture, exploit writing, code analysis).


Application Analysis (fuzzing,

reverse engineering, disassembling (IDA, OllyDbg).


Crypto (password cracking,

encryption, algorithm analysis).


Campaign/Intrusion Set analysis and

tracking experience.

  • Problem solving skills to learn new technical and non-technical analysis techniques to overcome


  • Knowledge of industry good practice

for foundational security elements including network device and system-level


  • Ability to identify and implement both tactical and strategic solutions.

Demonstrated knowledge of AWS,

Azure or Google IaaS services.

  • Ability to lead and

engage individuals and teams located across multiple geographies and or


  • Strong written and verbal communications and

presentation skills.

The Team

You thrive on collaboration. You

make the people around you better. You love to collaborate with peers,

engineers, operations, product managers, executives, and designers and inspire

them to do their best.

You are passionate andexperienced as a security leader. You

engage with your peers, the industry and experts to stay current on research,

threats, and innovation to drive the right directions and strategies from a

security infrastructure perspective.

You are customer focused. Our success is based on customer satisfaction

(internal and external) and how we build customer empathy in our culture, in

our execution and our results.

You make people successful. It is not about the “I”, it is about the

“team” and making your team and the organization successful. As leaders we focus on making our team

members as productive and empowered as possible to ensure optimized execution

and results.

You are open and transparent. We are a team that open, honest and shares

openly with ourselves and our customers to build trust.

You seek learning andfeedback. You

are self-critical, you proactively seek out feedback. We lead by example and share feedback and

learnings in a safe and productive way that focuses on improvements, root cause

analysis and never blame as the desired result.

You make things happen. You own and are accountable for delivering

the execution to the overall strategy and missions of the organization.

And finally, you want to bepart of creating dramatic and impactful change at a company that is committedto driving security innovation and world class engineering in the SaaS CloudSecurity space.

Preferred Education

Advanced degree in computer science or related field.

Oracle isan Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receiveconsideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex,national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protectedveterans status or any other characteristic protected by law.

Detailed Description and Job Requirements

Manage a team that designs, develops, troubleshoots and debugs software programs for databases, applications, tools, networks etc.

As a director of the software engineering division, you will apply your extensive knowledge of software architecture to manage software development tasks associated with developing, debugging or designing software applications, operating systems and databases according to provided design specifications. Build enhancements within an existing software architecture and envision future improvements to the architecture.

Assists in the development of short, medium, and long term plans to achieve strategic objectives. Regularly interacts across functional areas with senior management or executives to ensure unit objectives are met. Ability to influence thinking or gain acceptance of others in sensitive situations. Demonstrated leadership and people management skills. Strong communication skills, analytical skills, thorough understanding of product development. BS or MS degree or equivalent experience relevant to functional area. 7 years of software engineering or related experience.

Oracle is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans status or any other characteristic protected by law.

Job: Product Development

Location: US-WA,Washington-Bellevue

Other Locations: US-WA,Washington-Seattle

Job Type: Regular Employee Hire

Organization: Oracle