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Accenture Google BigQuery in Bengaluru, India

About Accenture: Accenture Technology powers our clients’ businesses with innovative technologies—established and emerging—changing the way their people and customers experience work, life and entertainment. Join Accenture Technology and you’ll translate the operational needs of the world’s governments and leading businesses into the innovative technical solutions that will enable them to better serve their customers—your friends, family and neighbors.You’ll deliver everything from point solutions for a single business function to large, long-term outsourcing services, to complex systems integration installations spanning multiple businesses and functions. You’ll create custom-designed solutions or integrate our technology platforms with their operations.

  • Role :Application Lead

  • Role Description :Lead the effort to design, build and configure applications, acting as the primary point of contact.

  • Must Have Skills :Google BigQuery,Google Cloud Bigtable,Google Cloud Dataflow,Google Cloud Datalab

  • Good To Have Skills :

  • Job Requirements :

  • Key Responsibilities : a.Design,develop,deploy high performing data solutioning in GCP b.Perform model,tune,implemention of Google Bigquery solution in GCP c.Analyze BigData analytics,assist with defining Architecture strategy d.Involved in endend data solution from ingestion through visualization for large and complex programs e.Design schemas for efficient storage n query execution f.Support and Mentor technical staff g.Data engineer or DBA experience h.Experience with columnar DB like Google BigQuery

  • Technical Experience : a.Experence in relational DB such as PostgreSQL or MySQL b.Experence in multisource data ingest into DWH c.Experence on develop,deploy scalable enterprise data solution ie DWH,Data Marts d.5to6 plus yrs experence write complex queries,stored procedure and 3to4yrs with SVN or Git code version tool

  • Professional Attributes : a.Tech leadership experence work as part of large team b.Experence in presenting tech topics to audience c.Excellent verbal and written communication skills,ability to work independently d.Client Interaction handling experience preferred and stake holder management presentation skills

  • Educational Qualification : 15yrs of Fulltime Education, BE or MCA

  • Additional Information : Java or Python program language,knowledge of RESTAPI frameworks,DnA tool,package,GCP Data Eng cert

15 years of full time education