Oracle User Assistance Developer 3 in Bengaluru, India

User Assistance Developer 3

Preferred Qualifications

We are looking for a UA developer to help build a portfolio of assets for our Cloud Application Foundation and Container Native Application Development products. You will analyze learning requirements for our products and produce content in one of the following formats: documentation, videos, tutorials, and instructor-led or self-study courses.

This position involves researching new technologies and product features in a fast-paced development environment. We create content following a Sprint cadence working closely with product engineers, product managers, and quality assurance and support engineers. This position requires solid technical aptitude. The software requirements in our area are constantly evolving so you are expected to quickly learn emerging Cloud Developer technologies. Proven ability to develop new material and organize it in a logical manner is critical.

Our team members work independently, practicing self-discipline and excellent time management skills. Our department and product teams are geographically distributed. A strong sense of autonomy, flexibility, and excellent communication skills are essential to working in our environment. You need to be responsive to external and internal customer needs and input. Our team focuses not only on writing excellent content, but also on the technical aspects of publishing UA assets to multiple content portals. Flexibility and a good attitude toward change in a must.

Typical Duties

  • Build and maintain a development environment

  • Run the product software and understand how developers use it

  • Develop Markdown content in GitHub keeping pace with a Sprint schedule

  • Write Java sample applications and code examples

  • Write instructions for sample applications

  • Create REST API references and samples

  • Edit Javadoc comments in source code

  • Estimate and schedule work

  • Track work tasks using JIRA

  • Write online help and book topics using DITA authoring tools

  • Create step-by-step tutorials using Dreamweaver or Blue Griffon

  • Create developer to developer videos using Camtasia

Job Requirements

Candidates must meet all or most of the following requirements:

  • 5 to 7 years writing developer-focused content

  • B.S. or M.S. in Technical Communication, Instructional Design, or Software Engineering

  • Familiarity with Java, REST, middleware, security, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD

  • Experience with programming and administration tools

  • Proven experience documenting complex technical subject matter

  • Excellent verbal and written communication

  • Impeccable grammar and succinct, clear prose

  • Good research/interviewing skills

  • Flexibility in accommodating project demands

  • DITA experience

  • Agile development experience

  • Experience using Git repositories

  • Markdown experience

  • Experience with engineering tools such as wikis, source control systems, defect tracking systems, and XML tools.

  • Ability to administer your own development and test environment

  • Interest in learning about technology and the drive to invest effort toward such learning

  • Demonstrated mental agility and flexibility to rapidly and accurately analyze technical problems

Candidates must submit writing samples that demonstrate the ability to:

  • Research, design, and write about a complex, technical subject. Developer content is a plus.

  • Write in conversational style.

  • Write Task oriented content.

If you are looking for the opportunity to grow your technical knowledge and skills, with end-to-end ownership of your work, contact Savija Vijayaraghavan (

Please note: If you have applied to Oracle within the previous six months, you need not apply again.

Detailed Description and Job Requirements

Responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining user assistance and training documentation for Oracle applications. Collaborate with multiple internal stakeholders to design our next generation of user assistance technology and implementing new embedded help delivery mechanisms that improve how technical information is delivered to our customers. Work with development teams to implement code for new user assistance mechanisms.

Create a variety of user assistance for your assigned product, which may include training courses, certification exams, documentation, tutorials, videos, embedded help in UI, sample code, eBooks, infographics following user assistance development processes, templates, and standards using various tools and systems. Perform job task analyses and create user assistance design documents to identify common user tasks to be addressed through user assistance. Collaborate with internal stakeholders to develop user assistance vision documents which will include the product use cases, common tasks, and user personas. Recognize problems with and recommend enhancements for user assistance for group, team, and department and share with management. Develop hands-on training course labs on a virtualization platform, Create lab modules that include scripts, plus other files needed for successful completion of the labs in creating training courses. Participate in the validation testing of these labs to ensure delivery of a repeatable and predictable hands-on lab environment. Respond to queries on help forums or mailing lists, and act as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for assigned products. Participate in internal tasks forces related to user assistance and other technical matters. Participate in discussions at user assistance and feature team meetings. Ensure best practices for usability of user assistance by involving SMEs and customers in user needs analysis. Develop and review certification exam items. Organize and teach course pilots and deliver train-the-trainer events to prepare instructors to teach the course.

Follow a prescribed learning plan to gain a thorough understanding of the product's technical details and functionality. Job duties are varied and complex utilizing independent judgment. Demonstrate functional knowledge of Windows and Linux or UNIX. Demonstrate understanding of four of the following technologies: XML, XHTML, XSL, DITA, CSS, DOM, RDBMS, CGI, PHP, REST, Java servlets, or XML schemas for user assistance types, and information and learning architecture. Possess a degree, certificate, or relevant industry experience. Suggested majors include English, technical writing, communications, instructional design, software engineering, or computer science. Minimum of 5 years of user assistance development or relevant experience.

Job: Product Development

Location: IN-IN,India-Bengaluru

Job Type: Regular Employee Hire

Organization: Oracle