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BMO Financial Group Regional Director, Investments in Calgary, Alberta


The Regional Director, Investments provides investment management expertise and strategic leadership for strategy, business, products, and policies to Investment professionals within the region. The Regional Director, Investments partners with National Office to support its mandate within the region, and drives a strategic vision for the LOB over a 1 – 2 year time period that identifies business development opportunities.The Regional Director, Investments communicates strategic, operational and product/process issues to National Office for resolution and plays an integral role in change management within the region. The Regional Director, Investments collaborates with Market Managers and Market Leaders for development of regional strategy and business plan, succession planning, and resolution of performance management issues specific to Investment Management. The Regional Director, Investments is also accountable for oversight of complex Investment deals, and providing specialized coaching and mentoring of Investment professionals, with particular attention to training and development opportunities.

The Regional Director, Investments will also manage, directly or in-directly depending on the size of the market, Investment Counsellors, Portfolio Associates and Portfolio Assistants in the hub market. The Regional Director, Investments will also manage the regional portfolio management group (Portfolio Manager) in selected regions.

A strong cross-functional relationship exists with the LOB Head as the Regional Director, Investments must adhere to any policies, procedures or directives established by the LOB to ensure the appropriate investment management discipline and risk management is in place within the region.

Key Accountabilities

A. Managerial Leadership

B. Strategy & Business Development

C. Technical Leadership & Development

D. Change & Innovation

E. Risk Management & Compliance


A. M anagerialLeadership

  • Setappropriate context and direction for the vision within the market, ensuringalignment with the vision for BPB in the region, partnering with the MarketLeader are required.

  • Establish atwo-way working relationship with direct reports to solicit their views onmarket opportunities, the working environment, potential changes affectingtheir work, continuous improvement opportunities, and revisions to the plan

  • Build andsustain a team of direct reports who are capable of delivering the performancerequired for BMO Private Banking,including coaching and the creation and implementation of training anddevelopment plans

  • Establishand optimize team integration by articulating the linkages between theaccountabilities and authorities of different roles across the group and byestablishing the context in which they will work collaboratively with oneanother

  • Ensure allintegrating mechanisms are in place for all sales professionals in order tofacilitate team behaviours and the focus on the integrated offer (e.g.,appropriate training across product lines)

  • Apply theBank’s performance management system to direct reports, including establishinggoals and objectives, assessing skilled knowledge gaps, allocating resources toachieve objectives and close gaps, assessing personal effectiveness, andreviewing and recommending base and variable pay

  • Ensure theeffective implementation of Bank initiatives and programs through theestablishment of appropriate context and setting of direction for directreports by providing relevant information, establishing goals, and settinglimits with the context and prescribed limits of the Vice-President andRegional Market Leader

  • Develop andsustain an effective multi-level unit, as a manager of managers, ensuring thequality of effective managerial leadership practices of managers; conductingtalent pool assessment with managers on the capability of their staff; andholding mentoring discussions with and hearing requests from employees

B . Strategy & Business Development

  • Collaborate with NationalOffice, as a member of the Investment Management LOB, to set direction,standards and governance for regional Investment professionals aroundInvestment initiatives, changes, and products

  • Support the Market Leader in the development andimplementation of the regional strategic business plan, including clearlydefined revenue growth and profitability objectives across the Investment Management product line, and monitor the planongoing

  • Develop the Investment LOB strategy and operatingguidelines for the region, over a 1 – 2 year time period, to effectively andefficiently uphold and fulfill the Investment mandate

  • Monitor the overall business results of theInvestment Management LOB within the region and provide analysis of key factorsimpacting current performance and potential issues for the future

  • Continuously and proactively enhance BMO Private Banking presence in the marketplaceby creating innovative business development strategies for the Investment LOB,as well as collaborate with other regional experts on integrated businessdevelopment strategies

  • Participate on the regional executive leadershipcommittee representing the needs of the Investment LOB to ensure focus on theoverall Investment mandate within BPB whilestill maintaining an overall integrated view of the business

  • Ensureintegrity of integrated offer is maintained and a customer centered culture issupported and enhanced through the delivery of Investment products

  • Reinforce BPBsales process and client experience, identifying gaps, issues and bestpractices through the monitoring of sales and performance targets against plansin order to create and sustain a sales environment that ensures consistentsuperior service to BPB clients and prospects

  • Develop internaland external networks and referrals sources to ensure the ongoing growth of theBPB business within the region

C. Technical Leadership & Development

  • Communicatewith National Office and disseminate Investment strategy, product, policy, andother related information to all Managers, Investment and Manager, ProfessionalServices Group within the regions

  • Executedefined implementation strategies for any Investment product or processchanges, following established change management principles and ensuringcommunications to all Investment employees within the region

  • Partnerwith the Manager, Investments and/or the Market Manager to identify and resolveany training or knowledge gaps for investment professionals in the region toensure a consistently superior level of investment expertise

  • Support thetraining and development plan, developed by the Manager, Investments and/or theMarket Manager, for new Investment Counsellors to ensure they have the requiredknowledge and exposure for the Investment Management LOB

  • Provide input to Market Manager on successionplanning to ensure the Investment Management functions are effectively staffedat all times with properly qualified individuals.

  • Investigate and resolveor make recommendations to more complex, non-routine issues relating to clientinquiries or requests, or issues escalated by Manager, Investment and Manager,Professional Services Group, as well as providespecialized expertise, technical advice and counsel on complex investment deals

  • Providerecommendations to the Market Manager on the goals and objectives for theManager, Investment and Investment Counsellors based on the LOB strategy anddirection from National Office, as well as providing input on performanceevaluations of investment professionals as it relates to investment expertiseand knowledge

  • Identify and recruitsales professionals collaborating with Market Manager and Manager, Investmentas needed

  • Provide approval ofpricing and discounting of investment management accounts, and make strategicpricing decision in partnership with National Office, to support the optimalclient experience

  • Support Portfolio Managertraining for 2 - 5 years to ensure proper licensing of investment professionalsto meet future requirements, including supervision of junior InvestmentCounsellors/Portfolio Managers and their development & training, includingthe monitoring of development plans

D . Change& Innovation

  • Support theidentification and sharing of enterprise and industry best practices, tomaximize productivity and encourage continuous quality improvement,collaborating with National Office and other Regional Director, Investments asrequired

  • Support theimprovement of investment products and workflows by identifying andrecommending process improvement initiatives to National Office

  • Identifyrequirements to meet changing internal and external conditions and drivebusiness innovation and new customer centered solutions in partnership and withthe support of National Office

E . RiskManagement & Compliance
  • Respond to questions or resolve issues raisedthrough audits or quality checks; identify and take appropriate action ifongoing performance issues are identified

  • Provideguidance and advice on compliance policies and procedures related to investmentissues, and ensure risk management procedures and controls are being adheredto, in partnership with the Market Manager

  • Ensure theeffective monitoring of operational controls is in place to identify anydeficiencies and support the initiation of appropriate corrective actions toensure controls are adequate

  • Ensureadherence to all aspects of First Principles our code of Business Conduct andEthics including individual accountability as it relates to potential conflictsof interest, safeguarding of customer information, trading in securities,anti-money laundering, privacy and disclosure of outside business activities

  • Followsecurity and safeguarding procedures and apply appropriate due diligence inaccordance with Bank policy for the prevention of loss due to fraud, robbery,counterfeiting, money laundering or defalcation

  • Protect theBank’s assets by adhering to all everyday banking, business banking, investmentand lending regulations (as appropriate), Policies and Procedures, legal andethical requirements, process requirements, bank guidelines and lending processrequirements and established risk guidelines


Manager, Investment:

  • Service Providing: TheRegional Director, Investments provides information, advice and counsel, andservices around change management to the Manager, Investment in satellite markets

  • Coordinating: The Regional Director, Investments coordinates withManager, Investment for change management, performance management, and LOBissues in satellite markets

InvestmentManagement LOB Head:

  • Coordinating: The Regional Director, Investments partners with the Investment Management LOB Head around investment strategy & policy, supporting all LOB initiatives and directives within the region

  • Coordinating: The Regional Director, Investments coordinates with National Office to receive product and strategic pricing information

  • Service getting: The Regional Director, Investments receives LOB information and updates on a weekly basis from VP & National Director, Investment Management

Investment Counsellors:

  • Service providing: TheRegional Director, Investments provides technical advice, coaching anddevelopment to Investment Counsellors in satellite markets

  • Serviceproviding: The Regional Director, Investments coordinates with ICs across theregion to share best practices and provide 6 month overview of projectimplementation plans, pilots, brand positioning, gaps, competition and profilein the region

  • Service providing: The Regional Director, Investments will advise of any directive orpolicy changes to the Investment Counsellors in satellite markets to ensurethat all employees are following appropriate guidelines or mandates

Regional Leadership Team:

  • Coordinating/ Advising: The Regional Director, Investments coordinates and maintains partnership with Regional Leadership Team to align Investment strategy and business plan and champion Investment Management LOB needs



  • University degree supported by CFAdesignation and CFP designation (or equivalent)

  • Minimum of 15 years in the investmentmanagement and financial services industry.

  • Registered as an IC/PM in the Province where in operation

  • Extensive knowledge of the investmentmanagement, financial planning and sales process relating to high net worth andultra high net worth market segments.

  • Extensive knowledge of FinancialInstitution solutions.

  • Good understanding of FinancialInstitution environment and dynamics.

  • Proven track record in developing and growing aprofitable financial or related client service business

  • Recognized as an expert in investment management inthe Private Bank and in the industry

  • Extensive knowledge and technical proficiencyrelated to investment strategies, issues and trends

  • Significant technical expertise in the areas offinancial planning, investments products and services

  • Broad perspective of economics and financialmarkets


  • Highly developed and proven project management,coaching and communication skills

  • Seek and seize opportunities, take risks willingly after prudent analysis

  • Strong work ethic, work well under pressure

  • Flexible and empathetic, able to work effectively in a variety of situations

  • Ability to resolve a magnitude of diverse, complex and ambiguous issues/situations in a creative manner

  • Ability to provide overall leadership in a management environment with many connections

  • Ability to communicate complex advice, solutions, and in-depth knowledge of technical aspects of investments in a comprehensive and practical manner

  • Strongability to identify complex problems and review related information to developand evaluate options and implement solutions

  • Ability toutilize and communicate in-depth knowledge of overall investment managementproducts, services, organization and interrelationships

  • Strongpresentation skills; both written and verbal

  • Strong leadership and management; understandsnavigates existing work, organization and power structures, and makesrecommendations with a clear sense of organizational impact

  • Strong ability to identify complex problems andreview related information to develop and evaluate options and implementsolutions

  • Strongconceptual and strategic thinking, good ability to take a holistic andintegrative view, and consideration for influence and impact on various levelswithin business

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Financial Planning & Advisory

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Canada-British Columbia-Vancouver