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Company Information

VIQTORY’s employees relish the fact that what they do makes a difference in tackling issues in the national dialogue. Perhaps more importantly, their hard work provides long-term value for the military community — as well as the leading higher education institutions and companies we do business with every day.

We’re Big Enough To Matter And Small Enough For Every Employee To Make A Difference.

As a company, we are results-oriented, love initiative, and demonstrate intellectual curiosity in almost everything we do. Because of that, cultural fit with our core beliefs is by far our most important hiring requirement.

We Matter.

Our jobs are a big part of our personal identity. We are big enough to matter, but small enough that every person makes a difference. When we succeed, tens of millions of the most deserving Americans benefit.

For 20 years, Viqtory has been in the forefront transitioning servicemen and women back to civilian life and maintaining those connections digitally. Watch above to see why we are leaders in this space and read in our media kits for our recruitment, education, and franchise solutions.  

Company History

Over 18 years ago, VIQTORY’s co-founders celebrated the first day working at a new company with an exciting, new mission: to create vital, civilian-produced resources for the approximately 250,000 people leaving the military each year. In doing so, they introduced military veterans to previously unknown civilian employment, entrepreneurship and education opportunities.

In the years that have followed, VIQTORY has transformed from a media company into the premier military marketing company in the country. We have connected tens of thousands of veterans to their next opportunity, and in turn, we have helped companies build better workforces and more loyal customer bases, and schools stronger student bodies.

Our years of publishing and community engagement have given us deep insight into the needs, interests, and behaviors of the military and veteran community. It also means that we understand how important it is that your military and veteran program investments be authentic, and return value to your institution. Your operational investments have benefited service members, veterans, and their families, and will continue to do so.
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