Boll Filter Corporation

Boll Filter Corporation

Boll Filter Corporation

Novi, Michigan, United States Novi, Michigan, United States

Company Information

Boll Filter Corporation is the U.S. subsidiary of the renowned BOLL & KIRCH Filterbau GmbH in Germany, a world market leader in providing liquid and gas filtration equipment since 1950, with subsidiaries and sales/service offices strategically positioned around the globe.

Our core product line spans across three generic filter groups - simplex, duplex and automatic self-cleaning, all supported by replacement BOLLFILTER Genuine Parts. Each filter group is comprised of an extensive range of design variations to suite the specific industry and application where it will function.

Market diversification has been critical to our success over the years, as BOLLFILTERS are currently operating in many major filtration sectors around the world. Decades of research and development continues to be driven by the blending of knowledge gained from so many different application environments, providing the impetus to develop some of the most technologically superior products of its kind.

Company Contact

Boll Filter Corporation, the U.S. subsidiary of renowned Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH in Germany, is seeking an experienced Service Technician. Boll Filter Corporation, located in Novi, MI, is recognized as the leading provider of high quality automated industrial filtration in the United States. Our employees are dedicated to performing excellent work and are highly attentive to our customers.  

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