Northwestern Mutual-Pittsburgh

Northwestern Mutual-Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Company Information

For years, we've helped families and businesses across Pittsburgh reach their financial goals. Our version of financial planning brings the right insurance and investment strategies together, so you can do the things that matter most, with the ones who matter most.
And we'll be there to guide you every step of the way.
Leadership, focus, loyalty, self-discipline. These are the characteristics of success. In the armed forces, you serve others and live by a set of values. At Northwestern Mutual, we help people achieve financial security with integrity and character.

Your military skills and qualities make you uniquely qualified to embark on a successful career as a financial representative. Help people live their best lives by beginning a career with Northwestern Mutual—and start living your best life too.  

Company History

The year was 1859. An ox and a passenger train collided just outside Johnson Creek, Wisconsin,
and two of our policyowners were killed in the wreck. The claims totaled $3,500, which was $1,500 more than our two-year-old company had on hand. Then President Samuel S. Daggett and his fellow trustees personally borrowed the money to settle the claims, proving that our dedication to our clients is as old as the company itself.

We help you live the life you want, and the life you never thought you could. When people feel better about their money, good things happen – they become more confident and feel more secure. Taking away the everyday financial stress that most people experience (1 out of every 3, in fact), helps them breathe easier, sleep better, and feel happier.1 That's why Northwestern Mutual exists. It's why we do what we've been doing for the last 160 years.

Being a mutual company means we've been there for our clients since day one — and will continue to be — because we report to them, not Wall Street. Instead of having to worry about short-term gains, we take a long-term approach – both in the way we help people plan, and in the way we do business. This has served our clients well through all kinds of economic ups and downs – even the 2008–2009 financial crisis.2 Mutuality also means that our policyowners get to be a part of our company and may benefit from annual dividends.3 So when we do well, you do well, too.

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