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Our challenge of changing and times and environments continues. "At your side." will lead us. With this guidance, we are able to take challenges with firm intention.

Brother's consistent invention of new technology and advancement into unexplored areas has led to the development of innovative products in many fields.
From printers and sewing machines for offices and houses, machine tools, industrial sewing machine, label printers, communication system for karaoke, etc., we will continue to expand our business.

To accelerate this progress, we will widen our field of newly produced services and solutions with higher added value, and continue conducting M&A* in various fields.
With efforts to the customer- first policy, everything leads to delivering a better value to customers.

We aim for continuous growth and strive to be a company, which earns the trust of all stakeholders.

Mid- to Long-Term Corporate Vision (GV21)
As an organization that does business on a globally, the Brother Group places its customers first in all activities and in every way. Based on this idea, the Brother Group has set up three goals in its corporate vision "Global Vision 21" to encourage further growth, and makes effective use of its wide variety of management resources to achieve the goals.
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