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C3 Corporation

C3 Corporation

Appleton, Wisconsin, United States Appleton, Wisconsin, United States

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The best thinking starts with bolder questions. So that’s where we start everything we do—boldly asking ourselves what could be made better, what could run more efficiently, what could help our customers improve performance.

Looking at C³ on the surface, we design and manufacture equipment for the mattress and foam industry. We make high-performing, reliable machines that laminate, package and assemble mattresses. And we do it well, extremely well actually.

But looking at C³ on a deeper level, we are a group of inventive minds who imagine better ways to design and engineer. As a result, our customers are manufacturing mattresses faster and more efficiently, generating greater throughput with less footprint and wasted hours. We are also helping them identify ways to save on material, energy, and transportation costs. First, we imagine it, then we engineer and build it. Lastly, we make sure our customers are getting the most out of it.

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When you partner with C³, you don’t just get reliable, high-performing machines; you get a thought partner who helps you run as effectively as possible, reduce and control costs, and gain a meaningful market advantage.  
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