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Company Information

When you’re fighting fires and saving lives, equipment failure is not an option. FireCatt is the leading authority in fire hose testing. We use revolutionary, patented technology to provide the most accurate hose, ground ladder, nozzle and appliance testing in the industry.
You will be part of a team that is considered the best in the business working at FireCatt! It is a privilege to provide the most precise equipment testing services for our Nations brave first responders. Frankly, ensuring their equipment is tested and ready to perform could be a matter of life and death.  

Company History

Formed nearly a decade ago, FireCatt was created to ensure the best available technology was employed to create the most accurate and safest process for hose testing. During the prototype validation of the Mobile Test Lab, Zachary Savas was asked by the lead engineer to manually release 400 pounds of pressure trapped in a fire hose through a manual valve. “I realized the new Mobile Test Lab still wasn’t safe enough,” said Savas. “So we looked at other methods and came up with the idea for a remote, automated pressure release system.”

Savas teamed up with leading hose manufacturer Snap-Tite to develop this breakthrough technology. A Snap-Tite board member at the time, Savas also solicited the expertise of engineers, firefighters and industry experts. The end result is FireCatt’s patented state of the art technology, which has revolutionized fire equipment testing and is now considered the gold standard in the industry.

Today, while others are still using stopwatches, needle gauges and hand-stenciling numbers on hoses, trained FireCatt technicians are in Mobile Test Labs using the only computerized, automated and objective hose testing technology in the nation, along with a unique barcoding system to track and document performance.

Many of FireCatt’s greatest achievements and advancements have been built upon firsthand experiences and a need to do more for the firefighters that selflessly serve and protect our communities, added FireCatt co-owner Marc Radecky. “We saw others manually turning dials and estimating their data and thought testing should be more accurate,” said Radecky. “We decided the best technology wasn’t available to the fire service, so we created it ourselves.”

Proven, patented and fire chief approved, FireCatt is now a technology leader and precision authority in fire equipment testing.
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