HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Laundry Supervisor in Coppell, Texas

Laundry Supervisor Full Time

Medical City Healthcare

Medical City Healthcare is one of the region’s largest, most comprehensive health care providers and includes 14 hospitals, 7 off-campus emergency rooms, more than 50 ambulatory sites, more than 7,000 active physicians and 15,000 employees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The Laundry Supervisor ensures the Laundry is meeting required Production Standards in a timely manner with the highest possible quality. To ensure all personnel are properly trained to safely perform their duties. To ensure HCA Policies and Procedures are adhered to at all times. To implement all direction given by the Laundry Manager and/or Laundry Director.

  • Coordinate with Laundry Manager for implementation of assigned tasks from Laundry Director.

  • Report any and all issues to the Laundry Manager.

  • Coordinate with Hospitals and Surgery Centers all information regarding their Orders and Quality of their linen.

  • Create, implement and update a checklist for quality control, production, training and safety.

  • Ensure Supervisors are trained in all aspects of Safety, Production Standards, Quality Control and company Policies and Procedures.

  • Coordinate and work with the Maintenance and Floor Supervisors to improve Quality Control, Production, Safety and overall appearance of the linen.

  • Coordinate with the Maintenance Supervisor any requests for equipment repair and/or estimated down time.

  • Maintain a high state of cleanliness and order at all times.

  • Create, implement and review daily checklists for Production Standards, Quality Control, Safety and Equipment Training.

  • Implement a monthly and Quarterly counseling for all production employees.

  • Ensure all assigned paperwork is being filled out properly and within defined time limits.

  • Implement a monthly meeting with employees to keep them informed of current events and laundry standards.

  • Ensure Quality Control Standards are in place and being adhered to by all personnel.

  • Ensure all personnel are trained to differentiate stains, tape and unserviceable.

  • Ensure all personnel are in accordance with HCA Policies and Procedures.

  • Ensure all personnel are in accordance with Safety Policies and Procedures.

  • Implement monthly training on all Life Safety Systems.

  • Practices and adheres to the “Code of Conduct” philosophy and the “Mission and Value” Statement.

  • Ensure all employees have the necessary training to complete their assigned tasks.

  • Ensure sensitive information in the Supervisors meeting is held in the strictest of confidence.

  • Other duties assigned by Laundry Manager and/or Laundry Director.

  • Coordinate with Hospitals and Surgery Centers all linen requests.

  • Focus on Teamwork with all Supervisors and personnel.

  • Ensure you check the entire laundry for any defects upon arrival. Report defects to appropriate personnel.

  • Ensure all personnel are washing their hands prior to stepping out on the laundry floor.

  • Ensure all personnel are within the Laundry Infection Control Policies and Procedures. (No rings, bracelets, scarves etc…)

  • Ensure there is no cross contamination from the Soiled side to the Clean side (personnel, linen or carts )

  • Ensure there are no cell phones on the laundry floor. (Break room only)

  • Exceptions are Supervisors, Maintenance and CBW Operators. ( no personal calls will be accepted )

  • Ensure a high state of cleanliness and order is adhered to at all times.

  • Coordinate with the floor Supervisors and the Laundry Manager to ensure we are fully staffed on a daily basis.

  • Ensure all soiled linen is separated and placed in the appropriate bag and/or cart for processing.

  • Pass on any requests for assistance to the appropriate personnel.

  • Upon completion of soiled sorting, check the amount of linen processed and inform the clean side of any possible shortages.

  • Supervise floor personnel to ensure they are meeting required Safety, Production and Quality Standards.

  • Implement bihourly Safety, Quality Control and Production Standard checks.

  • Implement Rewash and Ragout standards and ensure it is tracked and processed properly.

  • Ensure Floor Supervisors are Supervising and not working at machines or in the orders area, unless absolutely necessary.

  • Ensure personnel are clocking in/out and returning from breaks and lunch on time.

  • Ensure all personnel are in accordance with HCA Policies and Procedures.

  • Ensure all personnel are in accordance with Safety Procedures.

  • Ensure all personnel are using the provided PPE when necessary.

  • Inform / coordinate all issues, questions, comments, concerns and/or complaints with the Assistant Manager.

  • Ensure each employee receives, a minimum, of a verbal counseling monthly.

  • Ensure all employees received a Quarterly Counseling so they know what they are proficient and/or deficient in.

  • Conduct Life Safety training. (Fire drill, use of fire extinguishers, equipment safety procedures, disaster scenarios, blood borne pathogens, PPE etc.)

  • Conduct training on Quality Control and Production Standards.

  • Associate degree or equivalent work experience

  • 3 years of similar experience

Job: *Supervisors Team Leaders & Coordinators

Title: Laundry Supervisor

Location: Texas-Coppell-DFW Support Services

Requisition ID: 09375-104146