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Oracle Facilities Specialist 1 in Frankfurt, Germany

Facilities Specialist 1

Preferred Qualifications


  1. Reception& switchboard

  2. Provide backup to the receptionist in ensuring theswitchboard is promptly opened at the designated time and secured after closingtime.

  3. Answer and direct all calls in an efficient, accurate,professional and pleasant manner.

  4. Greet and assist all visitors; maintain companyvisitor sign in book.

  5. Maintain and distribute visitor security badges inaccordance with security policies.

  6. Ensure reception area is neat and professional inappearance.

  7. Maintain conference room schedules for the facilityvia Web Calendar or ARIA.

  8. Report all telecommunication and data system problemsto the Global IT help desk and office manager immediately.

  9. Coordinate visitor transportation requirements, suchas calling for a cab, limo, etc.

  10. Assist with educating employees on phone features and voicemail system.

  11. Assistwith vendor inquiries.

  12. Use, employee information applicationsuch as Data Mart or Scheduler, and email directory to obtain employeeinformation.

  13. Perform other administrative support duties as required by thedepartment or office.

  14. Mailservices

  15. Maintain accurate mail distribution centers.

  16. Secure all deliveries as required.

  17. Prepare packages for HQ, and interoffice distribution.

  18. Monitor all costs associated with mail and deliveryservices; report excessive costs and cost savings opportunities to the officemanager and/or facility manager.

  19. Purchasing

  20. Obtain vendor price quotes, prepare purchaserequisitions with accompanying justification via Self Service Applications,obtain vendor statements of work, arrange for new vendor setup, prepare checkrequests and route requests to appropriate management level for approval.

  21. Maintain adequate inventory of general office suppliesincluding supplies for office equipment.

  22. Seek to identify cost effective purchasingalternatives.

  23. Monitor vendor payment status to ensure purchaseorders are not over-billed and vendors receive timely payment to avoiddisruption in service.

  24. Maintain adequate funds for meter. Where applicable,prepare check requests for postage.

  25. Prepare monthly PO report to monitor run rate againstestablished PO amount.

  26. General Office Equipment/Audio Visual Equipment

  27. Coordinate all maintenance agreement schedules,renewals, payments and site visits per contractual stipulations.

  28. Ensure operational effectiveness of all equipment;coordinate repairs as required.

  29. Ensure installed AV equipment as well as portableequipment is functional; coordinate repairs as required.

  30. Assist in troubleshooting AV problems and be availableto assist with spontaneous equipment requirements.

  31. Investigate equipment upgrade alternatives inaccordance with corporate purchasing standards and offer justification tomanagement.

  32. Where applicable, coordinate installation,troubleshooting, and viewing of all video conferences.

  33. Facilities

  34. Provide assistance to other office employees.

  35. Provide backup for other facility personnel as needed.

  36. Coordinate repairs within physical office space suchas carpeting, repainting, etc.

  37. Function as a liaison between Oracle, propertymanager, and other vendors.

  38. Resolve or coordinate timely resolution for allfacilities requests, such as temperature complaints, conference schedulingconflicts, etc.

  39. Maintain interoffice listing of emergency contacts andprocedures.

  40. Troubleshoot data/telecommunication problems beforenotifying corporate helpdesk.

  41. Initiate wiring requests and arrange for new employeesetup.

  42. Conduct workspace occupancy and conference room surveys as directed.

  43. Establish preliminary space plans and identify alternatives; coordinaterequirements.

  44. Interact with various groups and collect informationregarding headcount growth requirements.

  45. Establish and communicate move coordination requirements.

  46. Prepare move coordination forms, issue boxes, labels,and distribute information.

  47. Follow up to resolve outstanding move coordinationissues.

  • Respondto information requests.
  1. Reporting

  2. Maintain work activity log including to do list andtasks accomplished; review daily with manager.

  3. Complete monthly report in approved format.

  4. Update quarterly the log of maintenance contracts.

  5. Maintain adequate records and logs as defined bymanager.

  6. Conduct formal quarterly Facility Inspection Reportand submit to facility manager.

  7. Maintain current inventory of all facility owned assetequipment.

  8. Prepare Property Manager and headcount reportinformation as directed.

  9. Conduct workspace occupancy and conference roomsurveys as directed.

  10. NewHire Orientation

  11. Assign space for new hires.

  12. Orient new employees to general office procedures.

  13. Participate in monthly new hire orientationpresentations with HR, sales, and education where applicable.

  14. Safety& Security

  15. Maintain file of employee home addresses and emergencycontacts.

  16. Function as after-hours contact for alarm monitoringcompany and property management.

  17. Responsible for office safety & security regarding“first aid”

  18. Establish system for programming and updating OMNIlock key codes where applicable.

  19. Assist in coordination of safety procedures such asfire extinguisher inspections, fire drills, etc.

  20. Maintain secure and accurate office key and securitycard assignments; minimize distribution.

  21. Ensure all security system and badge assignments areaccurate and current.

  22. Acting on direction of corporate security, provideassistance as required.

  23. Coordinate programs to educate employees on building and general officeemergency procedures.

  24. Maintain emergency procedures manual information.

  25. Coordinate training on CPR and safety as required.

  26. Provide backup on making security system time changes and generatingreports.

  27. Coordinate ergonomic and safety training requirementswith corporate safety.

  28. Complete weekly office inspections, identifying areasof concern and initiating resolution.

  • Maintain and monitor surveillance equipment ifnecessary.
  1. Maintain access assignments, monitor activity andcomplete data entry required for security software application.

  2. Be available via pager for after-hours emergencies.


  1. OracleCore Competencies:

  2. Innovation

  3. Planningand Organizing

  4. Quality

  5. CustomerFocus

  6. Honest& Integrity

  7. FunctionSpecific Competencies:

  8. Experience in dealing with outside vendors,negotiating agreements and working in a sales office environment.

  9. Use of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and email.

  10. Excellentproblem solving skills.

  11. Understanding of office procedures and propertymanagement responsibilities.

  12. Analyticalskills.

  13. Excellent organizational skills and follow through ontask assignments.

  14. Ability to work independently with minimal supervisionand handle multiple tasks.

  15. Ability to use effective time management skills.

  16. Responsiveness to customer requests and service issues.

  17. Development of work processes and elimination of unnecessary orredundant steps.

  18. Ability to interact with all levels within thecompany, external customers and vendors.

  19. Demonstrable operating knowledge of office equipment.

  20. Comprehensive understanding of U.S. Field Real Estate& Facilities Space Policies and Ranking.

  21. Understand space assignment process through PropertyManager and capacities.

  • Ability to accurately complete tasks within specifieddeadlines.
  1. Ability to negotiate with internal users regardingspace requirements.

  2. Ability to assign appropriate level of urgency tospecific situations, especially relative to action requests generated by uppermanagement.

  3. Ability to obtain closure on relevant issues.

Detailed Description and Job Requirements

Provide building and office management services for economy of operation and maximum usage of facilities and equipment. Work with external vendors to develop and implement facilities plans. Review vendor contracts, onsite vendor performance, timely work order completion, and construction related activities. Participate in collaborative space planning efforts with internal resources and user groups. Prepare and monitor annual property budget and other related costs in facility planning. This position will interface with both senior management as well as individual contributors.

As a member of our Real Estate and Facilities team, you will assist the building or office manager in all aspects of daily operations. This may include managing Oracle's office space and equipment. Ensure adherence to company guidelines, processes and building and safety codes. Obtain, review and estimate design costs including equipment, installation, labor, materials, and preparation. Prepare annual budget. Conduct benchmarking.

Work involves some problem solving with assistance and guidance in understanding and applying company policies and procedures. Excellent communication and decision making skills. Familiarity with email and MS Office applications is essential. Willing to function as after- hours contact for facilities emergencies. May be required to be accessible via phone or pager. Degree, relevant certification or equivalent with 0 - 2 years prior facilities or property assistant experience preferred.

As part of Oracle's employment process candidates will be required to successfully complete a pre-employment screening process. This will involve identity and employment verification, professional references, education verification and professional qualifications and memberships (if applicable).

Job: Facilities

Location: DE-DE,Germany-Frankfurt

Job Type: Regular Employee Hire

Organization: Oracle