Davenport University RNPC Faculty-Nursing in Grand Rapids, Michigan

WORK LOCATION:Grand Rapids - Lettinga Campus

DEPARTMENT:Academic-College of HealthProf

POSITION PAY: $75,000 - 4 Year Grant Position


The RNPC faculty is primarily responsible for the academic success of the RNPC program, including curricula development, teaching of the CBAPC course, clinical teaching for the RNPC students, and teaching of the CBAPC and Veteran-centric training for the WHCC PACT RNs/Preceptors. Faculty members are responsible for establishing and promoting an effective learning environment for students and successfully achieving learning outcomes for assigned courses and clinical experiences. These responsibilities are performed in an ethical manner consistent with the Universitys mission, vision, and values which include diversity, equity and inclusion.


  1. Teaching load as assigned by Department Chair.
  2. Promote the RNPC initiative by speaking at community engagements, scholastic and health industry venues.
  3. Promote and recruit DU nursing students into the RNPC initiative. Collaborate with Clinical Simulation Lab/Clinical Coordinator on DU nursing students clinical assignment/schedule.
  4. Mentor students in the RNPC CBAPC course and during the RNPC CBAPC clinical experience to ensure students understand and demonstrate the knowledge, skillsets, and competencies learned.
  5. Embed and coordinate mindful awareness training into the RNPC CBAPC course.
  6. Collaborate with RNPC Coordinator Liaison to create and teach the RNPC CBAPC course with the Veteran-centric healthcare services and CBAPC nursing knowledge and skills using the Quad Councils public health nursing competencies.
  7. Develop and lead simulations specific to providing health care for Veteran patients and CBAPC services in partnership with WHCC and DU to align with the knowledge and skillset needs of the VA and community based care settings for both RNPC students and WHCC PACT RNs/Preceptors.
  8. Organize and provide Green Zone training during the RNPC CBAPC courses and WHCC PACT RNs /Preceptors.
  9. Incorporate the holistic approach to healthcare in the RNPC CBAPC course.
  10. Collaborate with the RNPC advisory team and WHCC to develop curricula specific to the needs of CBAPC facilities, which will allow WHCC PACT RNs /Preceptors to practice at the full scope of their license.
  11. Lead the training and education for the WHCC PACT RNs/Preceptors in which the curriculum is embedded.
  12. Use Banner Ellucian to track academic progress as RNPC Students.
  13. Embed Telehealth technology into the educational experiences and training for the RNPC Students and WHCC PACT RNs /Preceptors
  14. Available to teach day, night, weekend, and/or off-campus courses.
  15. Implement a learning environment consistent with the vision of the University in delivering practical education to assist students in their career direction.
  16. Assist in the resolution of issues and concerns of students.
  17. Maintain a cooperative attitude that provides for innovation and personal growth.
  18. Schedule and post office hours, and be available to respond to students needs .
  19. Participate in scheduled faculty meetings, in-service and training programs, student orientations, convocation, and commencement ceremonies. Faculty members will be available to attend meetings scheduled prior to the start of the academic year and after the end of the academic year. Faculty will be available to address needs prior to and after the end of the academic year.
  20. Prepare annual professional development plan, complete professional development activities and submit adequate documentation.
  21. Maintain current active membership in at least one (1) relevant professional association in the discipline.
  22. Participate in the evaluation process(s) according to the prescribed schedule, including student evaluations of the instructor at the end of each course. Criteria may include:
  • Attendance at meetings, in-services, and commencement ceremonies.
  • Participation in curriculum development.
  • Timely submission of grades related to student documentation.
  • Teaching methods.
  • Professional development and/or memberships.
  • Retention activities.
  • Student assessment.
  1. Maintain all records in compliance with University policies.
  2. Periodically work in the discipline as approved by the University.
  3. Assist in the preparation of accreditation documentation, self-studies, and reports; participate in on-site accreditation visits, when requested.
  4. Provides GREAT customer service, anticipating and exceeding the needs of our customers.
  5. Demonstrate and promote the University Cultural Values.
  6. Understand and abide by all external and internal regulations and policies. This includes NCAA, GLIAC and national affiliations associated within athletics or other role specific regulations.
  7. Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Masters Degree in Nursing required. Doctoral Degree in related field preferred.
  • Military/VA experience preferred.
  • Experience in Primary Care nursing/ Community Health nursing preferred.
  • Demonstrated credentials and knowledge in discipline.
  • Experience in planning, developing and evaluating academic courses and clinical experiences.
  • Meet DU and VA requirements for clinical placement.
  • Professional manner and attire.
  • Must be able to critically think, analyze data, read and process detail information in written form.
  • Ability to teach one to four hours per class.
  • Ability to attend all classroom sessions on time and be prepared for each class.
  • Demonstrated ability to teach classes in multiple formats including in-seat and online.
  • Demonstrated ability to work accurately and effectively with computerized data systems (PC and mainframe).
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and promote a positive working environment, spirit of cooperation and positive reactions to change and conflict resolution.
  • Demonstrated excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills, both written and oral which transcend diverse audiences.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and relate well to students, parents, faculty, staff, and others while maintaining appropriate confidentiality.
  • Demonstrated motivational and problem solving capabilities with a high degree of integrity, ethics, and dedication to the mission of the university.
  • Must be able to work an irregular schedule, evenings or Saturday as needed, additional hours during peak times or as required.Business office environment.
  • Prolonged sitting and standing. Use of personal computer and telephone (eye and hand strain).
  • Occasional travel, including overnight stays. Ability to lift classroom materials, etc., up to 50 lbs.


As a full-time team member, you will be eligible for a robust array of benefits that include medical, dental, vision, 403(b) with 10% employer contribution, tuition remission, life insurance, disability, flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities and more!