Oracle Internal Customer Tech Support 3-IT in Guadalajara/Zapopan, Mexico

Internal Customer Tech Support 3-IT

Preferred Qualifications


The Major Incident Management (MIM) team seeks to be the premier provider of incident detection,

prevention, and response for Oracle’s critical services by avoiding unplanned downtime and restoring services

quickly during an outage. In support of Service Restoration, the Major Incident Management Analyst (MIM

Analyst) will support the Major Incident Management Facilitator (MIM Facilitator) during Major Incident calls for

Oracle’s Global IT organization. The MIM Analyst will help determine business and customer impact, monitor

the event against set SLA and OLA objectives, determine and initiate appropriate MIM team response, and

record restoration activity in the incident log, and draft periodic status notifications for the MIM Facilitator to

publish. Another key component of the MIM Analyst function is to research incident related statistics and work

with the MIM Facilitator to publish operational health metrics to IT senior leadership and others on a regular


Key Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintains situational awareness during daily operations. Monitors various channels including monitoring

  • dashboards, phone, chat, and email for signs of a potential Major Incident.

  • Works with the Major Incident Management Facilitator and partner resolving teams to drive the

  • resolution of high-severityoutages impacting IT infrastructure by researching recent changes, monitoring

  • information, and other related data.

  • Scribes theparticipants and detailed actions taken during Major Incidents in chronological order to serve

  • as the source of truth.

  • Gathers initial root cause information and documents corrective actions to be taken.

  • Documents the impact of a Major Incident and helps the MIM Facilitator engage key team members or

  • teams that should participate in the restoration activities.

  • Works with the MIM Facilitator and across lines of IT to identifyprocedural and documentation gaps that

  • would aide service restorationactivities.

  • Analyses data to identify early warning signs for incidents and updates related preventive dashboards.

  • Assists in managing business continuity and recovery of company's information systems.

  • Assists in maintaining the overall effectiveness of technology systems residing in Oracle’s Global IT

  • organization, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and availability, 24x7.

  • Assists in maintaining a framework of policies to ensure that standardized methods and best practices are

  • utilized.

  • Participates in IT strategy planning, understanding potential impact to business operations from proposed

  • change and project activities.

  • Contributes to MIM Continual Service Improvement by providing constructive feedback and innovative

  • ideas on processes, documentation, and tooling.

  • Promote Organizational Culture and Values

  • PutCustomers First – Recognizes and reinforces that we exist to provideour customers the best experience and deliver the best results.

  • PutCustomers First – Recognizes and reinforces that we exist to provideour customers the best experience and deliver the best results.

  • TeamUp – Creates a strong sense of team where individuals are respected.Seeks out ways to create alignment between our team and others around acommon purpose.

  • EarnTrust, Give Trust – Creates a space where team members demonstratetrust for one another through open and transparent communication.

  • ShowUp and Be a Leader – Demonstrates personal leadership through behavior,rather than by relying on a title. Empowers the team members to leadthemselves and their peers.

  • Shows the way forward, develops and supports individual team members, encourages, inspires and aligns with purpose.

  • Innovate and Relentlessly Improve – Continuously transforms to improve yourself, your team, and your organization.


  • 3 years proven hands-on experience with technology systems, including network, server, storage, client or application.

  • 3 years experience with working in a Level 1 or Level 2 support role such as datacenter operations or systems administration with demonstrated experience understanding ITIL Service Management (Change, Problem, Incident, Event).

  • Must possess analytical and problem solving skills, executing calmly against tough deadlines.

  • Must demonstrate an ability to work effectively inside and across Global IT.

  • Must demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate to an audience, regardless of their organizational role.

  • Comfortablewith team dynamics and openly seeks and shares information across teamsand departments, coordinating and combining competencies for the bestoverall result.

  • Strong in all facets of verbal and written communication within the English language.

  • Able to craft incident notification messages appropriate for an end-user and executive audience.

  • Can Identify bottlenecksand pain points and directs resources to address the challenges in adirected, methodical, cost-effective, and data-driven manner; leveragesanalytical experience to build a road map to meet the needs of thedepartment and the employer.

  • Workseffectively in the face of stress, ambiguity, difficult situations, andshifting priorities; understands the need to shift focus and prioritiesas required and successfully leads others through periods of change.

  • Possesses genuine desire to provide superior customer service.

  • Understands DevOps and Cloud concepts and how to apply Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) ideas to make service offerings more scalable, reliable, and efficient.

Education / Certifications:

  • Bachelors and/or Master Degree in Computer Science

  • ITIL v3 Foundation

  • Agile / Scrum / Lean certifications preferred

Detailed Description and Job Requirements

As a member of this fast-paced, leading edge database/applications company, work with the team to deliver real time 24x7 enterprise-wide technical support for internal and/or external customers. This includes, but is not limited to: user support of business applications, troubleshooting of technical problems and acting as a liaison between customers and resolving groups.

As a member of the Help Desk, solve specific, complex technical problems to provide and apply real time solutions in the areas of 'Email problems and functionality questions 'Network printer problems (stopping/starting queue, usage) 'Data Communication/Networking troubleshooting 'Remote network dial in access-PPP and Serial 'PC configuration and network configuration 'Oracle Base Image laptop support Innovate and document new methods and procedures as needed. Verify procedures are being followed and notify proper resource if they are not in compliance. Lead/mentor in a team environment. Assist in providing information and support to team members.

Job duties are varied and complex, needing independent judgment. May have project lead role. Prefer five years of related experience in a medium to large network distributed and computing environment and a BS in Computer Science or related field.

Job: Information Technology

Location: MX-MX,Mexico-Guadalajara/Zapopan

Job Type: Regular Employee Hire

Organization: Oracle