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IT Customer Service Manager ( R-00084123 )

Customer Service

Customer Service



Fort Detrick, Maryland, United States


Job Description:

The Federal Health Operation has an opening for an IT Customer Service Manager located at Ft. Detrick, MD. Position is with the Enterprise Information Technology (IT) Project Management Office (PMO), supporting medical research IT solutions. Candidate will work for the Leidos Project Manager but is expected to work independently and accomplish assignments without much direction.

The IT Customer Service Manager (CSM) is responsible for managing the activities for a suite of products prior to operation release to end of life. Provide support following DoD, FDA and Army regulations for the eIT PMO medical research IT products. The CSM directs all product support functions such as PMO IT services, help desk support, user training and material, customer outreach, website and other user communication vehicles, and internal product support documentation. Participates in all eIT PMO product Working Groups. Works closely with PMO Product Leads, Customer Relationship Lead and the Military Customer Liaison to assist with customer issues.

Job Description:

The CSM will be taking direction from the Enterprise IT Project Management Office (eIT PMO) Prime Contractor Project Manager and the Customer Relationship Lead. The CSM is responsible for overseeing customer support analysts and the overall customer support activities for all products. Primarily managing all product-specific support for eIT PMO medical research suite of IT products to the medical research user community CONUS and OCONUS. Product support activities includes standard help desk support, product-specific user training, user documentation, meeting minutes, support from product release to end of life for each product, customer outreach, website, other user communication vehicles and test script creation and validation testing. CSM is to help new organizations with an EDMS implementation plan that streamlines their day to day activities. Coordinates and participates in all eIT PMO product Working Groups.

Candidate Responsibilities:

  • Works with a variety of military and non-military organizations, interfacing with civilians, military, and contractors, physically located both on and off the Ft. Detrick campus.

  • Product training: Product training is a continuous process in order to ensure all end users are trained with the current version of all the products. The training strategy will vary for each product as well as the customized tool/workflows. The overall training methodologies and training schedule are discussed with the users and identified in the PRR.

  • Helpdesk Operations: Helpdesk support is provided for all PMO products primarily by the Customer Support Analysts (CSAs). The eIT PMO manages user requests via a mailbox or a tracking tool. The CSAs will use an EDMS tool as a central tracking tool to manage all user requests and issues. Core hours are from 8-5 for eIT PMO support. The helpdesk support team consisting of the Helpdesk Manager and CSAs are the front line interface to the medical research user community. The CSA’s will send weekly helpdesk reports to assignees and PSCL to address actions during weekly team meetings. When users need assistance with PMO products, they can contact the eIT PMO helpdesk. The eIT PMO helpdesk has a mailbox for users to send all requests or issues The CSAs will follow up with each request within 4 hours informing the user we are working their request and to gather additional information. The CSA’s will enter all requests into an internal EDMS helpdesk tracking tool. CSA’s will identify who should resolve and assign the ticket for further investigating. The appropriate vendor may be contacted by the technical team to open a ticket if a bug has been identified in the software.

  • Product Administration: Product administration consists of user account maintenance, assisting with helpdesk tickets and report maintenance.

  • User documentation: PMO provides custom Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) user documentation. PLs will coordinate and gather vendor documentation for EDC, SAE, eCTD, PAS, and CTMS products.

  • Product Briefs and Customer Outreach: CSM, Product Leads (PLs) and CSAs all will provide support to potential and existing customers via capability briefs, training, and implementation plans unique per organization. CSM will act as a backup for the meet and greet eIT PMO briefs every 3-6 months at MRDC HQs. Will work closely with the QA to support vendor day at MRDC.

  • Customer related communication methods: The eIT PMO will communicate product information to customers via the enterprise content management system - EDMS as well as via user notifications, brochures, the PMO web site, EDMS channel news feed, and quarterly newsletters.

  • Training Plan and Documentation: During Functional Design, address training options available for PMO staff and end users. The support team will initiate a training plan and methodology discussion. The PMO will facilitate and acquire end user training material from the vendor for all products except for EDMS which the PMO will design/develop custom material. If acquiring materials from a vendor, the PL and Business Ops Lead will detail in the Performance Work Statement (PWS) requirements for the vendor to provide the training materials and conduct the end user training. Will ensure all required product training is reflected in the specific Product Development Plan (PDP) and listed as an activity in the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS).

  • End User Training Methodologies: End user training will be provided in various forms depending on the nature of the product, budget constraints, priorities, USAMRDC and Vendor regulations, and user flexibility. The product support team will leverage a variety of training methodologies, such as Quick Reference training guides, PowerPoint presentations, computer based training, classroom, and one-on-one specialized training. All material will be posted in EDMS public area. The classroom training offers more interactivity with the customer in a group setting combined with a live question and answer session. Depending on the vendor and training environment, the location may need to be scheduled off of Ft Detrick due to vendor policy.

  • Downtime Reports: Downtime reports are created only for unscheduled downtimes. For a scheduled outage, the product support team will send a notification alert 3 days in advance to the product’s users notifying of the downtime event. The product support staff will answer questions or issues regarding the scheduled downtime event. The PSCL and PDSL will follow-up after the scheduled maintenance is completed to address any issues and lessons learned with the PLs. For an unscheduled downtime event, the PL and sustainment team will determine the root cause of the problem and prepare an unscheduled downtime report within 48 hours of the event detailing what failed, when the product was restored, and the total hours of unscheduled downtime. The report will be submitted to the CSM and Contractor Project Manager. All PMO products have an uptime availability of 97%.

  • eIT PMO Home Page: The product support team will coordinate with the USAMRDC web team to host and maintain a dynamic eIT PMO web page. The website(s) will be used to communicate account request forms, the PMO mission, product information such as training plans, schedules, end user materials, product release notices, and newsletters. The support team will ensure USAMRDC HQs page is up to date with PMO information.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree with 2 years’ experience or High School diploma with 10 years’ experience.

  • Preferred product expertise with Open Text Content Server software.

  • Must have an aptitude for continued learning, excellent organization skills as well as verbal and written communication skills to ensure an accurate and timely response is provided to all customers.

  • Preferably, the CSM will have experience with conducting user trainings and using Helpdesk tools in order to act as the Support Lead overseeing CSA’s and tracking customer activities in one central location.

  • Must have excellent English, written, and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Must be proficient in Adobe, Microsoft Office Suite programs including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • Familiarity with good documentation practices.

  • Must be able to successfully complete a background investigation.

  • Must be able to work independently following a brief period of specific technical training.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Understand MRDC customers and subordinate units.

  • A general knowledge of customer medical research business processes specifically to help implement project products.

  • Understand the DoD Acquisition Process.

  • Work schedule must be flexible and may require occasional after hours or weekend work to assist the Product Support and Sustainment team with product downtimes.

Pay Range:Pay Range $52,650.00 - $81,000.00 - $109,350.00