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Windstream Services, LLC

Specialist III-Srvc Activation (22001346)

Equipment/Technology Specialist

Equipment and Facilities Specialist



Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

***This position can be filled remotely anywhere within the country.*** About the Role: The Service Activation Specialist will have expert technical knowledge in either of the following technology areas or an adept combination of both: Advanced Data (MPLS) and Advanced Voice (TDM, or VOIP line/trunk/SIP). The role will entail successfully prioritize install workload, ensure order tasks have been completed at least 24 hours prior to install, and complete installation. Other responsibilities include directly accessing network elements to support required configuration work. The ability to configure, troubleshoot, and resolve any customer facing product or technology trouble in that respective discipline is a critical component of the role. In addition, the Service Activation Specialist will act as a SME answer point for the team. Essential Functions: - Port/Route numbers via NPAC/SOA/DSET (Basic Voice) - View/change the ACME Session Border Controller (Basic Voice) - Configure or troubleshoot Broadsoft feature server. (Basic Voice/Data) - Configures or troubleshoot switch translations in the following applicable switch platform(s) - Sonus GSX/PSX, Lucent 5ESS, Genband G9000, Nortel DMS, Lucent PLEXUS, MetaSwitch and SCP's. (Basic Voice) - Configure or troubleshoot the applicable PE Routers - Route and implement IP routing protocols, DHCP & NAT settings (Basic Data). -Apply QOS/COS settings based on solution sold - Configure or troubleshoot Windstream managed equipment from the core elements to the point of customer termination in either co-location areas or switch sites (Adtran models- 6xx,9xx, Netvana and Cisco) - Performs Loop testing on T1 and analog activities. - Conducts remote Digital Access and Cross-connect system (DACS) or Digital Cross-connect System (DCS) cross connects on T1 and above facilities (if applicable). - Make necessary changes that the customer may require at time of install, update config builds, order details, including but not limited to feature, line configuration, and/or order design. - View CLR and determine the network solution and required network components needed to fulfill an order or confirm network components have been fulfilled by PTD. (Basic Data/Voice) - Perform Customer Acceptance during installation process/testing of services. - Using IRIS, collect and troubleshoot SIP messaging and RTP. (Advanced Voice) - Perform D channel captures on TDM solutions to determine point of call failure. -Perform debug messaging in Windstream managed equipment to determine point of call failures. - Troubleshoot LD (least cost routing and LDP platform), Toll Free, Account code, and both simple and complex customer features. - Capture and analyze multiple switch protocols as well as messaging between network and customer equipment (CPE/PBX) such as ISUP, TCAP, Q.931 and SIP. - Tools utilized include IRIS, IAS, Q.931, ESM, Wireshark, and CDR Viewer. - Configure or troubleshoot ACME Session Border Controller for Basic Registering solutions (Advanced Data). - Configure RAVPN and IPSEC (Advanced Data). - Configure BGP and OSPF routing protocols. (Advanced Data) - Conduct DACS, MUX and multi-link configurations if applicable. - Basic and complex provisioning of circuit access path for voice/data services, from Windstream network to customer premise for new and existing customers by way of virtual cross-connects in DACs and/or provisioning of Frame Aggregators for DS0, DS1, DS3, Ethernet. (ATM/frame relay, VoIP, Data Center) - Configure & troubleshoot issues at the Data Link and Network layers of the OSI model. Conduct DACS, MUX and multi-link configurations if applicable. - Configure & troubleshoot IP routes, MPLS private networks, Switches Do You Have? - Working knowledge of basic/complex voice switches & translations (i.e., DMS, Sonus, 5E, Genband, Plexus, SCP's, MetaSwitch) - Working knowledge of complex data products and services and SDWAN - Working knowledge of phone systems aswell as WINDSTREAM equipment (i.e., Adtran, Netvana, Cisco) - Networking/sub-netting skills/Protocols and Technologies (TCP/IP, VoIP, PPP, Ethernet, ISDN, T1, DS3) - Advanced understanding of Layer 3 protocols - Minimum 2 years’ experience with IP routingrprise organizations and carrier partners across the U.S.