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Riyadh, Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia

**Position** AVN 15R MOS QUALIFICATION COURSE INSTRUCTOR**Req Code** 4700-039 R**Location** KHASHM AL AN**Grade** V-44**Basic Functions** **Functions** **as** **a Maintenance Technician Instructor for an entry level Technician Course under the direction of the Aviation Institute Senior Training Manager. Responsible for performing duties as a Maintenance Instructor, conducting academic instruction and hands-on performance training and evaluations to ensure student proficiency and adherence to academic standards.****Major Duties and Responsibilities** **** **A.** **Duties/responsibilities:****1.** **Create, implement, and modify curriculum as required to meet learning outcomes.****2.** **Maintain and manage classroom environment, equipment, tools, and supplies.****3.** **Create and maintain an atmosphere of professionalism and mutual respect with students.****4.** **Maintain a safe environment through instruction, policy, and continuous evaluation of program equipment and laboratory space.****5.** **Verify and confirm that all training publications are current and complete.****6.** **Prepare students through realistic training scenarios.****7.** **Responsible for providing direct interface and daily status reports as required.****8.** **Able to perform duties in a sensitive environment** **,** **maintain a professional approach, attitude, and appearance at all times.****9.** **Communicate technical direction and instruction in a clear and concise manner. Able to operate outside instruction norms to facilitate transfer of knowledge.****10.** **Other duties as assigned.****B.** **Independence:** **Performs within the broad guidelines of duties and responsibilities with significant choice of methods. Authority to select and implement goals and objectives within the execution of duties and responsibilities.****Supervisory Responsibilities: None.****Minimum Qualifications** ******A.** **Education Level:****B.** **1. High school diploma or equivalent required; BS in Professional Aeronautics preferred.****C.** **2. Previously qualified as a US Army (or equivalent) Crewmember/ Senior NCO (E-6-E8) with a minimum of 6 years experience****D.** **required; 10 years experience preferred.****E.** **3. Graduate of the Fort Etuis maintainer course, entry level required; Fort Eustis maintainer course instructor preferred.****F.** **4. Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of applications****Qualifications:****1. Able to develop syllabi and provide instruction to 15R MOS candidates.** **Specific knowledge, skill, and ability requirements:** **Knowledge of Army Aviation training concepts, administration, and logistics.****G.** **2. Demonstrated performance in leading staff and team members to achieve organizational goals.****H.** **3. Demonstrated performance in the development of organizational plans, policies, and operational procedures.****I.** **4. Ability to communicate both orally and written.****J.** **6. Ability to communicate with the customer in a professional and courteous manner.****K.** **7. Possess a valid drivers license.****L.** **8. DD214 required for military experience.**