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Job Details

Hazardous Operations Support Lead

Government and Military

Facility Operations Specialist


Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, United States

Job Summary

Under the supervision of the Operations Supervisor, protects persons from hazards or interference. Duties involve servicing at a fixed post, making rounds on foot or by motor vehicle, or escorting persons or property. Assists customers by answering questions and giving directions. Individual provides Sentry Control and Convoy Escort operations as scheduled through the Operations Control Center (OCC). Sentry Control will be provided for Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB) hazardous operations. Responsible for enforcing regulations designed to prevent breaches of security.

Typical Duties:

Coordinate HOS Personnel and provide convoy escort for the following support operations:

  • Hazardous or toxic chemicals and liquid missile propellants
  • Oversized Loads
  • Selected flight hardware or components requiring slow speeds
  • Coordinate scheduled activities with the OCC
  • Respond to unscheduled shipments or deliveries within 30 minutes during working hours, and within one hour after normal duty hours
  • Maintain coordination through radio communication with the OCC and Central Security Control (CSC)
  • Provide proper notification of mishap or anomaly to required agencies
  • Maintain availability of required equipment to conduct escort/sentry duties
  • Provide informal briefings of requirements and then provide required support
  • Establish the Toxic Hazard zone (THz) from Base weather
  • Perform support for Range checks, Safe and Arms checks, confidence checks, and emplacement of Peacekeeper Stage IV, Reentry System (RS) and Environmental Protection Barrier (EPB)
  • Other duties as assigned will include and are not limited to maintaining UPC vehicles; daily inspections, washing and waxing, ensuring scheduled maintenance is performed

Other Responsibilities:

Safety - Amentum enforces a safety culture whereby all employees have the responsibility for continuously developing and maintaining a safe work environment. As appropriate, each employee is responsible for completing all training requirements and fulfilling all self-aid/buddy aid responsibilities, participating in emergency response tasks and serving on safety committees and teams.

Quality - Quality is the foundation for the management of our business and the keystone to our goal of customer satisfaction. It is our policy to consistently provide services that meet customer expectations. Accordingly, each employee must conform to the Amentum Quality Policy and carry out job activities in compliance with applicable Amentum Quality System documents and customer contracts. Each employee must read and understand his/her Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction responsibilities.

Procedure Compliance - Each employee must read, understand, and implement the general and specific operational, safety, quality and environmental requirements of all plans, procedures and policies pertaining to his/her job.

Minimum Requirements

  • Knowledgeable of traffic rules, regulations, and roadblocks during emergency, which may include emergency response vehicles, security forces, fire and medical departments
  • Able to obtain and maintain a security clearance if applicable
  • Possess a valid California Drivers License
  • Able to perform Emergency Egress
  • Proven ability to lead employees and coordinate between other departments to accomplish customer requirements.
  • Knowledgeable of Air Force/Space Force Terminology and Operations.
  • Working knowledge of posting sentry and security checks.