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American Water Works Co Inc

Production Technician S2958 (99893)

Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing Technician



Kokomo, Indiana, United States

Diversity of backgrounds, ideas, thoughts, and experiences is vital to our culture and the way we do business. Creating an environment where differences are embraced and where every person feels engaged and included makes us safer, stronger, and more successful.

With a history dating back to 1886, American Water is the largest and most geographically diverse U.S. publicly traded water and wastewater utility company. The company employs more than 7,000 dedicated professionals who provide regulated and market-based drinking water, wastewater and other related services to 15 million people in 46 states. American Water provides safe, clean, affordable and reliable water services to our customers to help make sure we keep their lives flowing. For more information, visit and follow American Water on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Primary Role

Responsible for plant operations, analyzing water samples and making needed adjustments

Key Accountabilities
  • Performs chemical treatment duties which include the following. Walks to the carbon feed room. Must walk up/down flights of stairs with railing.
  • Must be wearing appropriate safety apparel.
  • Reaches up to 76" to open door and lower it. Requires 25# force to lower door.
  • Lifts 50# bag of powdered activated carbon from pallet.
  • Can be stacked from 6" to 53" high.
  • Truck flexion and/or squatting, forward reaching, lifting from floor to waist height.
  • Can use pallet jack to raise pallet height so that all lifting is done at waist height.
  • Pushing down on pallet jack handle. Places back on doo. Uses utility knife to open bag.
  • Hits end of poker with palm of hand to pierce bag (wrist extension, elbow flexion/ext) Lift door back into position.
  • Lifting 75# force from below waist to overhead.
  • Fills potassium permanganate.
  • Uses the dolly to move full barrel to location. 30# force required to pull back dolly to move barrel. Uses scoop (7times) to put powder into the container. Each scoop weighs approximately 3#. Trunk flexion and reaching down into the barrel, gripping and wrist deviations.
  • Tool used are gloves, apron, respirator, utility knife, poker, pallet jack.
  • Performs cleaning daily as needed which include the following: Responsible for cleaning lab and computer area. This task requires
  • standing, walking and going up/down stairs. Sweeps and mops the floor. Trunk and neck flexion, trunk rotation and gripping of handle, elbow flexion and extension.
  • Washes glassware in the lab-slight trunk flexion, grip, material handling less than 5#.
  • May squat or reach overhead to put away glassware.
Additional Key Accountabilities
  • Shovels walkway and steps as needed.
  • May be walking on slippery surfaces. Tools used are cleaning supplies, mop, broom and shovel.
  • Occasionally on a daily basis uses a computer which include the following: Seated task which includes data entry and uses mouse and keyboard to turn pumps on and off.
  • Fine motor coordination task and slight neck flexion and rotation to look at the computer screens.
  • Tools used are computer, mouse and keyboard, adjustable office chair and keyboard tray.
  • Performs sample collection occasionally on a daily basis which include the following: Walks outside in all weather conditions to the basin
  • Must walk up/down flight of stairs. Carries two plastic pipes (2# each) and 3 plastic bottles to the basin. Screws the bottle on the end of the pipe (wrist deviation and forearm rotation).
  • Lowers pipe to the bottom of the basin, trunk and neck flexion, forward reaching.
  • Pulls out sample and unscrew bottle fro the pipe. Walks to other basins and repeats the process.
  • Tools used are plastic collection pipe (2#), sample bottles. (%)
  • Analyzes samples occasionally on a daily basis which include the following: Works standing at lab table 36" high. Constant standing with occasional walking short distances. May have to reach overhead to
  • obtain glassware from shelving (weighs less than 2#). May have to side bend with trunk flexion and/or squat to obtain items from lower shelving.
Additional Key Accountabilities
  • Pours samples into beakers, wrist deviation, shoulder flexion gripping. Pours packets into samples and swirls beakers to mix. Gripping with wrist deviation.
  • Places samples into analyzers and pushes buttons to start.
  • This task may require neck flexion, trunk flexion and forward reaching. May lift a full water pitcher 10# to fill equipment once daily. Tools used: measuring devices (beakers, test tubes), analyzers, microscope, pipettes.
  • Measures the level of acid tanks which include the following: Climbs ladder on the outside of the tank. Lifts up cover (10#) from the tank. Puts measuring tape into the tank, neck flex
  • Tools used: measuring tape and ladder
  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED).
  • Shift: 4p-4a
  • Drinking Water Certification Preferred WT3 and a WT5.
Competencies Champions safetyCollaboratesCultivates innovationCustomer obsessedDrives ResultsNimble learning

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