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SD & F Programme Manager


Development Manager


Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom


Job Description:

Job Purpose:

Programme Manager role to directly manage Storage, Distribution, Freight projects as part of a large defence programme (£6.5bn). This role will manage specific projects assigned to them but work as part of a portfolio team.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • End to end responsibility for the delivery of a range of commodity. These range from commodity purchase projects, IS commodity projects, Supplier system and interface projects.
  • Background in UK MoD logistics and supply chain is highly desirable, specifically disposals.
  • Experience of Ministry of Defence Supply Chain and Logistics would be useful for this role. As well as experience of financial cost reduction projects and non-financial benefits (IE Sustainability, Security, Social Values).
  • Works as part of a wider P3M organisation with key interfaces into customer and major subcontractors and customer on a daily basis.
  • Promoting the wider public good in all actions, acting in a morally, legally and socially appropriate manner in dealings with all stakeholders and members of project and/or programme and/or portfolio teams and the organisation
  • Selecting, developing and managing teams
  • Identifying, addressing and resolving differences between individuals and/or interest groups
  • Empowering and inspiring others to deliver successful projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios
  • Securing the provision of resources needed for projects and/or programmes from internal and/or external providers
  • Agreeing, monitoring and managing contracts for the provision of goods and/or services
  • Preparing and maintaining definitions of the requirements of projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios
  • Determining the best means of satisfying requirements within the context of project and/or programme and/or portfolio objectives and constraints i.e. developing solutions
  • Preparing and maintaining schedules for project and/or programme and/or portfolio activities and events, taking account of dependencies and resource requirements
  • Developing, implementing and updating resource allocations plans (other than finance) needed for projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios, taking account of availabilities and scheduling
  • Developing and agreeing budgets for projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios and controlling forecast and actual costs against them
  • Identifying and monitoring project and/or programme and/or portfolio risks (threats and opportunities), planning and implementing responses to them and responding to other issues that affect projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios
  • Developing, maintaining and applying quality management processes for project and/or programme and/or portfolio activities and outputs
  • Consolidating and documenting the fundamental components of projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios (scope, schedule, resource requirements, budgets, risks, opportunities and issues, and quality requirements)
  • Managing the integration of project outputs and/or programme outcomes and/or benefits into business-as-usual (project and programme office only), addressing the readiness of users, compatibility of work systems and the realisation of benefits
  • Establishing and maintaining governance arrangements for the delivery of projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios, defining clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, that align with organisational practice
  • Identifying and/or developing frameworks and methodologies that ensure management of projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios will be comprehensive and consistent across different initiatives (“framework” refers to the parameters, constraints or rules established to standardise delivery)
  • Establishing and managing reviews at appropriate points during and after projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios, which will inform their governance by providing evaluations of progress, methodologies and continuing relevance
  • Establishing, and implementing where necessary, protocols to change the scope of projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios and updating configuration documents as required
  • Gathering independent evidence that the information from projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios, is valid and that projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios are likely to achieve their aims
  • Preparing, gaining approval of, refining and updating business cases that justify the initiation and/or continuation of projects and/or programmes in terms of benefits, costs and risks
  • Identifying, defining, evaluating, planning, tracking and realising the business benefits of programmes (and/or the projects within them)
  • Identify, share and promote best practices and lessons learned to create a culture of learning and good practice that supports continuous improvement to optimise project delivery
  • Work in an environment of uncertainty and continual change. Able to feel comfortable making decisions and setting direction without having the full picture and re-focus as details emerge. Can apply knowledge and techniques to reduce ambiguity
  • Adapt to changing circumstances and adverse situations whilst remaining calm, reassuring others and maintaining performance
  • Think of, research and apply new ideas and ways of doing things. Encourages and supports innovations from others, is willing to experiment and follow ideas through to implementation
  • Plan, lead and effect positive cultural change, securing commitment and buy-in and promoting a positive long term vision. Recognises when broader culture change is necessary to deliver a project

Pay Range:

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