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The Language Development Program Coordinator shall provide services for Senior Language Authority (SLA) and ADET Center for Language and Area Studies development programs. The programs include, but are not limited to the Language Analysis development programs, the Language Cross-training program, the Military Language Analysis Program, civilian and military continuing education programs, the Senior Language Development Program, STARTALK, LEARN, and the Summer Language Program.


In addition, each Language Development Program Coordinator Level I shall have the capability to:


·;;;;;;;; Compile, assemble, and track routine correspondence and records;

·;;;;;;;; Print reports and other documents in draft and final form using word process software and/or other automated programs; (U) Document completion of program criteria;

·;;;;;;;; Create, maintain and provide e-mail aliases for program members for distribution of development opportunities and social networking;

·;;;;;;;; Prepare graduation certificates and assist with the graduation ceremonies;

·;;;;;;;; Create and update records/reports for language professional development activities and to support language programs;

·;;;;;;;; Support program managers by coordinating with other organizations regarding language programs;

·;;;;;;;; Collect travel requirements to assist with the preparation of travel spend plans;

·;;;;;;;; Assist in planning and scheduling open forum sessions, meetings and workshops with program members and management;

·;;;;;;;; Prepare PowerPoint and other materials for various program manager briefings and presentations;

·;;;;;;;; Maintain lists and alias of language and area studies points of contact, and update as required;

·;;;;;;;; Provide administrative support to assist the Government in conducting workshops relating to planning and organizing effective cryptologic foreign language training;

·;;;;;;;; Schedule and coordinate periodic meetings to include requirement reviews;

·;;;;;;;; Consolidate and forward for Government review external vendor training, Mobile Training Team and iso immersion language training requirements based on language level and language training history;

·;;;;;;;; Perform initial review of Service funding requests for language training based on Government provided criteria; prepare documents for Government review;

·;;;;;;;; Meet skill level requirements for Microsoft Outlook Level 1, Excel Level 1, PowerPoint Level 1 and Word Level 1 as described in SOW Appendix A.