Oracle Business Analyst 3-Ops in Melbourne, Australia

Business Analyst 3-Ops

Preferred Qualifications

Job description andpurpose

We are a program management (PMO) team that supports our

product development teams around the world. We help them by doing program and

portfolio level analysis and process improvement projects. From our analysis,

we identify opportunities to improve our performance and go help teams

understand how they can work better. We also provide a range of other support

activities by collaborating with the delivery teams on locally initiated

improvement projects and always work to enhance local autonomy and decision-making


We need a team member to assist us in our growing and

evolving team. Business analyst seems to be a good job title, but the role will

evolve and shift as the jobs to be done change, so a willingness to be flexible

and proactive is imperative.

Perhaps the real job title should be “Person who gets things

done.” This is the kind of job where you bring your problem solving and

collaborations skills to work and take on the next most important job to be

done. Diversity in work is guaranteed.

The jobs we want you to focus on in the next few months

include supporting our cloud engineering and production operations team in

analysis and capacity forecasting, some project support for data centre

migrations, and supporting some process improvement initiatives as we integrate

our product development practices into Oracle standards. After this initial set

of work there will be a variety of other process improvement initiatives and

other projects (such as organizing a global hackathon across four continents.

What will a typical week look like?

You'll typically be working on 3-4 concurrent projects.

There will be a monthly cadence to the work. You'll do the following


  • Gather data from a variety of source systems, analyse thedata to see the big picture, and make recommendations for improvement.

  • Research and understand processes that need simplificationand help teams understand what the better processes are, sometimes documentingthese on wiki pages

  • Lead and assist others in running business improvementprojects through data and process analysis, as well as running meetings andworkshops to investigate idea and find solutions together

  • Participate in and support reporting and communicationactivities that help keep everyone focused on the big goals and aware of wherewe are on the journey

  • Enhance local decision-making capacity within our teams byestablishing a clear and aligned set of priorities and resolution paths.

Skills required:

  • Energy and enthusiasm for helping others succeed at work

  • Structured approach to analysis and problem solving

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills

  • An openness to learning new things

  • Familiarity with agile software development practices

  • The ability to identify issues and opportunities and beproactive about addressing them


  • You’ll be supported by experienced people who will investtheir time into growing your skills, particularly around a structured approachto analysis and problem solving

  • You’ll be working in a highly collaborative environmentwhere the people you work with care about your successes as much as you careabout theirs

  • This is a job in which you’ll have an opportunity to learn alot, and it is an organization that very actively supports learning andimproving your skills

  • Lastly and probably most importantly, the work we are doingis supporting a transformation that is going to help the construction andengineering address new challenges and new ways of working.

Detailed Description and Job Requirements

Provides programs to improve operational efficiency, consistency, and compliance in support of the organization

  • s financial and tactical business objectives. Provides business practices and processes. Develops, communicates, and trains the organization on business practices and processes.

Serve as a liaison with other divisions such as Finance, Contracts, HR, Legal, Shared Services, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, and Risk Management in an effort to ensure accurate and timely transaction processing. Collect, input, verify, correct, and analyze data to measure key performance indicator actual versus business objectives. Provide updates to management regarding budget to actual, informing them of deviations and opportunities. Provide management with economic impact and compliance issues surrounding key business decisions and/or deals. Communicate Oracle Business Practices to the organization and monitor process and approvals for full compliance. Drive implementation of new processes and procedures.

Job duties are varied and complex utilizing independent judgment. May have project lead role. Attention to detail critical. Ability to collect, organize, and display data in spreadsheet format. Follow-through skills necessary to get information from internal and third parties and have data errors/omissions corrected. For this, relationship management skills strongly desired. Strong written and verbal communication skills to interact with management and possible clients desired. 5 plus years relevant work experience.

Job: Business Operations

Location: AU-AU,Australia-Melbourne

Job Type: Regular Employee Hire

Organization: Oracle