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Occidental Petroleum Directional Drilling Specialist in Muscat, Oman

Title: Directional Drilling Specialist Location: Oman-Muscat-Al Ghubra Other Locations:


The Directional Drilling Specialist key role is to provide technical and specialist advice on all aspects related to directional drilling and to act as focal point for Directional Drilling contracts.

The Directional Drilling Specialist responsibilities will include but not limited to:

  • Reduce drilling costs and improve well quality by increasing the operational capability of Oxy in Oman, and by directly applying personal skills in directional and performance drilling, wellbore surveying, directional planning, survey data management, bottom-hole assemblies (BHA), and drill string integrity, collectively referred to as “Directional Drilling” (DD).

  • Work with Oxy Oman team members, supply chain management and HES to measure, monitor, and improve Oman directional drilling and borehole surveying contractor performance.

  • Assist or act as directional drilling contract proponent and effectively manage contract as per the Oxy Worldwide Drilling and Completions (WWDC) Contract Performance Management Standard. Work with supply chain management and HES to measure and monitor Directional Drilling contractor’s performance. Prepare Directional Drilling contract technical specifications, scope of work and assist with tendering processes and evaluations as required.

  • Participate in “Performance Drilling Community of Practice” as a member.

  • Lead and promote “Oxy Drilling Dynamics methodology” in the group and be the focal point for external discussions.

  • Consult with Drilling personnel on specific Directional Drilling, Gyro or Measurements While Drilling/Logging While Drilling (MWD/LWD) issues as required.

  • Ensure Directional Drilling plans are optimized and to challenge, advise and approve Directional Drilling plans.

  • Provide operational Directional Drilling and MWD/LWD system support to ensure optimal drilling performance.

  • Ensure compliance with the Oxy Worldwide Drilling and Completions (WWDC) Standards including, but not limited to Anti-Collision and Well Planning in addition to other WWDC guidelines related to Directional Drilling, drilling dynamics, performance drilling and borehole surveying.

  • Responsible for quality assurance of borehole survey data and administer the Oxy Oman survey database. Ensure the final definitive surveys are complete, consistent and accurate. Ensures all surveys are fittingly projected to the total depth drilled.

  • Current with the recommended practices outlined by the Society of Petroleum Engineers Wellbore Positioning Technical Section (WPTS) and the Industry Steering Committee for Wellbore Survey Accuracy (ISCWSA) and ensures all borehole survey reference information, post survey corrections and enhancements to survey data are consistent with proven industry standard practice set by the ISCWSA.

  • Ensure the appropriate survey instrument performance model is identified for each survey data set.

  • Provide guidance on BHA Design to Drilling Engineers, and ensure BHA’s Fit-for-Purpose, that minimize risk and damage to tools in the environment they will be operating.

  • Develop, deploy, and institutionalize proven engineering industry practices for Directional Drilling and MWD/LWD systems including, but not limited to, the Oxy Drilling Dynamics program, advanced realtime drilling data systems, advanced geosteering, torque/drag/pressure monitoring and trajectory scorecards.

  • Work with the major Directional Drilling and survey measurement service companies and the Drilling personnel to identify areas of technology needs for Oxy Oman and establish options to utilize supplier capability and expertise to fill those needs.

  • Make regular field visits to QA/QC the Directional Drilling Personnel Performance and assist with field Directional Drilling Challenges.

  • Focal point for failure investigations and non-conformance report related to Directional Drilling personnel, equipment and services

  • Participate as requested on Peer Assists and Reviews as required

  • As part of team or as individual, carry out special projects as needed to develop capabilities, evaluate new technology, and make other improvements in Directional Drilling performance.

  • Identify areas of potential improvement and take action to improve performance through personal support, training, new technology, and other means.

  • Maintain knowledge of surveying and other Directional Drilling business unit operational area regulatory requirements and industry proven engineering practices and ensure that Oxy Oman Directional Drilling operations conform to Oxy Standards, Guidelines and Procedures.

  • Deliver basic, advanced, and specialized Directional Drilling training courses.

  • Develop competencies for Drilling Engineers and Drill Site Managers related to Directional Drilling. Continuously maintain state-of-the-art skills in Directional Drilling.


  • Minimum of 15 years of oil field experience related to down hole drilling systems and services with experience as a rig-site directional driller.

  • Minimum of 3 years as a Directional Driller coordinator.

  • Minimum of 2 years working in an operating company drilling office.

  • Strong understanding of rig site downhole drilling and steering systems in addition to the key personnel required to run them. Including, but not limited to: well planning, anti-collision, MWD/LWD interpretation, steerable/performance motors, gyroscopic survey systems, rotary-steerable systems (RSS), casing/open-hole sidetracks and horizontal drilling.

  • Ability to rationalize cost and understands risk management and the management of change process.

  • Ability to clearly communicate complex technical concepts.

  • Demonstrated leadership skills and organizational skills, especially in cross-functional situations

  • Preferably to have extensive knowledge of major directional drilling services providers’ RSS/MWD/LWD systems, motors, directional tools, BHA stabilizers, gyroscopic survey systems.

  • Experience with safety and quality assurance audits.

  • Experience with incident investigations using TapRooT® or similar investigation process.

  • Good Communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Good PC skills.