HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Construction Manager in Nashville, Tennessee

HCA, a Fortune 100 company with more than 200,000 employees, is one of the nation's leading providers of healthcare services, operating over 170 locally managed hospitals and over 100 freestanding surgery centers in 20 states and the United Kingdom. With its founding in 1968, HCA created a new model for hospital care in the United States, using combined resources to strengthen hospitals, deliver patient-focused care and improve the practice of medicine. HCA is a learning healthcare system that uses more than 27 million annual patient encounters to advance science, improve patient care and save lives. HCA has been named one of the world's most ethical companies for eight years in a row. At HCA, we are driven by a single goal: the care and improvement of human life.


This role is one of a thought leader. The dollars entrusted to its care are expected to go farther than industry norms because HCA has the unique ability to leverage its scale. This position wants to enable this ability.

This position is expected to possess a thorough understanding of strategies designed specifically for HCA and to apply them in all projects. The strategies include: standardization of process and design elements and strategic sourcing. It is the goal of the department to combat escalation and market forces through leveraging HCA’s scale.

This position provides leadership in construction for many of HCA’s Capital Projects. It has a great deal of

interaction with hospital CEO’s, COO’s and the remainder of the hospital department leadership.

Typical workload may span 10 /- separate facilities and may range from $75 to $200 million.

Ordinarily individual project size may range from $3 million to approximately $30 million, occasionally

managing a project under $3 million.

The position works very closely with the financial group, the corporate clinical services group, corporate

real estate and the strategic planning group. Construction Management is housed within the much larger group

consisting of Design, Medical Equipment and IT&S disciplines.

This position ensures incorporation of all HCA’s innovative capital productivity improvement measures into the design and construction strategies.


Audit/Inspection Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for ensuring HCA is not spending more than necessary to get the work done.
  • During the Construction Administration stage of construction review Design Change
  • Authorizations for conformity.
  • Ensure project compliance within approved funding and scope.
  • Provide ultimate oversight of quality.
  • Work with Construction Managers to conduct/develop responses to internal audits of contractors.
  • The Construction Manager will develop the request for budget and duration (RBD), while
  • working with the general contractor for pricing.
  • Conduct preliminary budget reviews on all final draft budgets prior to Assistant Vice President’s
  • final budget review.
  • Routinely visit hospitals to attend monthly Owner Architect meetings, provide direction, monitor contractor’s quality of work and performance. Function as the field representative for designs, ensure designs are meeting the needs of the facilities, and coordinate with Design Managers as necessary. During the course of a project, the site visits would include the following activities: o Observe construction activity to verify conformance with the contract documents and o quality of workmanship. Identify and document any deficiencies. o Observe contractor’s field management personnel to verify the project is being properly o and efficiently managed. Take appropriate action if necessary. o Evaluate and monitor the contractor’s project planning and scheduling activities to o verify the proper emphasis is placed on this area to achieve a timely completion. o Follow-up and respond to coordination problems that routinely occur during o installation of different systems. Initiate appropriate changes in the design if necessary. o Maintain relations with and manage expectations of hospital administration. Evaluate requests for changes in design/construction to determine if benefits are worth the additional costs. Communicate progress of construction and explain delays. Advise administration on operational features, improved construction, and changes to the schedule. o Assist contractors with interpretation of state and local building codes. As necessary o explain/convince local authorities of interpretations based on logic and previous o examples. Appeal as necessary. o Log progress and need for follow-up by contractors. Prepare written documentation routinely and job observation reports for each site visit. o Represent owner at state inspections of projects as necessary. Assist contractor and architect o with response to state comments. o During the construction process, ensure phasing, plans, interim life safety measures, and infection control risk assessments are established and followed in order to provide for safety of the public, staff and patients.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Thorough reviews of project scope, changes to scope.
  • Provide budget and constructability feedback during pre-design process in order to maximize the use of capital funds.
  • Responsible for thorough review of agreements, contracts, invoice processing and change order management, among many other contracting responsibilities.
  • During pre-design, responsible for site investigation in order to ensure the documents represent a constructible plan that allows for minimal interruption to hospital operations and unencumbered patient care.

Strategy Setting Responsibilities:

  • Review and analyze budget during design process relative to past costs and corporate approved budget and project scope to determine and verify if the established objectives of the project can be attained within the corporate approved budget. Initiate appropriate action if necessary.
  • Coordinate with Capital Asset Management (CAMS) to ensure HCA’s capital objectives are met.
  • Work with Design Managers in developing the most strategically advantageous manner to take the projects to the bidding market.
  • Manage project development budgets during pre-design and plan development in order to maximize the use of capital funds in conjunction with the Preconstruction Manager’s review.
  • Collaboratively prepare Certificate of Need (CON) budgets with the Preconstruction Manager to support any state CON submittals. Provide deposition when required.

Analytics/Forecasting Responsibilities:

  • Forecast upcoming construction work, anticipate contractor workloads and create an equitable workload distribution.
  • Use baseline benchmark costs from the cost history database to set the targets for any project; use the benchmarks to understand cost.
  • Study the builders submitted subcontractor and supplier solicitation list to manage the adequacy
  • and appropriateness of the content/bidders.
  • Constantly analyze fees and construction administration costs.
  • Analyze and approve all final bids taken by the contractor that make up the final estimate for a
  • project. Assess risk relative to subcontractor pricing, schedules and bonding requirements.
  • This is the final budget analysis to be compared against prior comparable costs and the corporate budget before construction begins. Work collaboratively with the department’s project management office regarding incorporation of offsite fabricated components, maximizing the incorporation into HCA designs.

Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Lead and participate in coordination meetings with all internal and external team members. Make necessary decisions on issues that arise. Monitor contractor’s schedule and quality
  • control process. Initiate any action necessary.
  • Meet with state and local authorities to represent the company’s interest on project scope,
  • design issues and code issues. Appeal to local jurisdiction as necessary.
  • Coordinate with CAMS to ensure HCA’s capital objectives are met.
  • Ensure construction coordination among the HCA Planner, Design Manager, Medical Equipment Manager, IT&S and Telecom Manager and the HCA Construction Manager.
  • Supervise risk management on capital projects relative to design, public/patient/staff safety
  • and contractual obligations.
  • From time to time this position may need to facilitate CON submittals. In the event of a CON
  • hearing, provide deposition and testimony if necessary.
  • Responsible for maintaining budget and schedule. Maintain a financial report by project to
  • track and manage all costs associated with the construction budgets. Process any necessary
  • capital increase requests with the appropriate justification.

Group Leadership Responsibilities:(Otherwise known as Org. Health)

  • In the course of budgeting and bidding stages of project development activities may
  • include: solicitation, site visit, pricing formatting and development of phasing as necessary
  • to develop budgets for projects.
  • As Development Books arrive and the budgeting process begins communicate immediately to
  • everyone expected to generate budget numbers the timeline for budgeting activity.
  • Create and maintain a cooperative working relationship to promote a high level of
  • employee morale and/esprit de corps./


  • Perform miscellaneous duties as assigned.
  • On an as needed basis, provide emergency assistance to facilities in the event of catastrophic natural events, i.e. hurricane response.
  • Manage multiple other disciplines within the department as requested.
  • In advancing the agenda of improvement, engage architects and engineers on as-needed basis
  • for additional design or construction services.
  • Implement and manage various initiatives designed to enhance process and improve cost.
  • As requested by HCA Group Leadership, manage or provide oversight to construction
  • projects less than $5 million in capital.
  • Often conflicts in travel schedules arise due to the large volume of individual projects
  • requiring Construction Managers’ attention. When conflicts in travel arise the Assistant Vice President can stand in as necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned.


College Graduate


7 - 10 Years of Experience

Previous experience with a builder or owner working on multiple healthcare project sites;

preferably large complex project experience

SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS* * Extensive healthcare construction experience. * Knowledge of healthcare construction costs. * Demonstrated leadership qualities in project management. * Demonstrated ability to lead/manage a team of professionals. * Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team; self-motivated. * Above average interpersonal skills.


Job: *Directors & Managers

Title: Construction Manager

Location: Tennessee-Nashville-Corporate Main Campus

Requisition ID: 10201-24449