Northwell Health DIC Nuclear Medicine Technologist - PER DIEM - Various Locations in New Hyde Park, New York

Req Number 001RDH

Job Category Radiologic

Job Description

The DIC Nuclear Medicine Technologist operates Nuclear Medicine apparatus and auxiliary equipment. Produces diagnostic scans and outputs to film/workstation for physician interpretation. Assists in regulatory quality assurance as necessary. Maintains and cleans equipment. Participates and has responsibility for emergency on call.

  1. Prepares patient for exam.
  • Explains procedure in easy-to-understand terms based on professional knowledge to relieve patient of pre-testing anxiety;

  • Ensures a consent form for the procedure has been obtained, if necessary.

  1. Performs various Nuclear Medicine exams according to standards and procedures delineated by the department.
  • Positions patient for scanning of various organs according to departmental standard operating procedures;

  • Dispenses radiopharmaceuticalsto patients for oral intake such as therapy, schilling tests, etc.;

  • Calculates the activity and quantity of the radiopharmaceutical and prepares such radiopharmaceuticals.

  • Performs intravenous injection of the radiopharmaceutical;

  • Disposes of decayed isotopes according to required procedure;

  • Surveys nuclear medicine area for radiation.

  • Performs all quality control according to QC methods and procedures designated in respective radioactive materials license.

  1. Labels film/images for identification and maintains required records.
  • Labels films/images with accurate patient demographics and other exam specific information;

  • Assesses films/images for quality and accuracy of information;

  • Completes necessary paperwork and prepares films for filing.

Performs related duties, as required.


· Graduate of an accredited Nuclear Medicine program, required.

· Current New York State Department of Health licensure as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, required.

· R.T. (N) registration with American Registry of Radiological Technologists (ARRT) or CNMT registration with Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB), required.

· Previous experience in nuclear medicine, required.

· Alertness and skill in recognizing and identifying patient signs/symptoms and using judgment in selecting proper interventions.

· Ability to communicate effectively .