Samaritan Health Services Occupational Med Asst-Cert in Newport, Oregon

JOB SUMMARY/PURPOSE Provides clinical and clerical support for the Occupational Medicine Department including greeting and answering inquiries for patients and employers, scheduling appointments, utilizing computer applications for all day-to-day functions and coordinating the needs of multiple providers and staff. DEPARTMENT DESCRIPTION Samaritan Occupational Medicine serves the health and safety needs of employers and employees in Linn, Benton and Lincoln Counties. Designed to meet the specific requirements within different occupations, Samaritan Occupational Medicine helps employers and employees gain control over work-related injuries and answer questions about OSHA and Worker#s Compensation requirements. EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION/QUALIFICATIONS High school diploma or equivalent required. Healthcare Provider BLS required. One (1) of the following required: Registered or Certified Medical Assistant (RMA or CMA). Current Oregon EMT-I (Intermediate) or Paramedic licensure. This position requires the use of the employee#s personal automobile. Employee must have a valid driver#s license and auto liability/property damage insurance as required by law and must maintain their vehicle in good working order. Experience and/or training with MS Office required. Experience and/or training in medical terminology preferred. Certification in urine drug screening, breath alcohol, spirometry and audiometry preferred. Medical assistant, medical office#and/or billing experience preferred. KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS/ABILITIES Adaptability/Flexibility - Ability to respond quickly and appropriately to situations that may arise with high risk or diverse patient populations. Ability to adjust actions in relation to others and adapt to offer best possible care to patients. Computer Literacy - Knowledge of electronic equipment, computer hardware and software, including applications and programming. Ability to operate applications, write software, set up functions, enter data, and manipulate and process information. Health Information Technology - Knowledge of health information technology (e.g. review documents, the electronic health record, coding software). Possess independent judgment skills within the scope of job responsibilities to resolve legal, financial or administrative problems.# Customer Service - Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer service. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services and evaluation of customer satisfaction.# Problem Solving - Ability to identify complex problems, review related information, employ creativity and alternative thinking to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. Time Management#- Ability to organize, plan and prioritize work to complete within required time frames and to follow-up on pending issues. Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and thrive in dynamic fast-paced environments and under pressure. PHYSICAL DEMANDS Rarely (1 - 10% of the time) Occasionally (11 - 33% of the time) Frequently (34 - 66% of the time) Continually (67 # 100% of the time) WALK - INCLINE LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0#-36#) 40 - 60 Lbs LIFT (Knee to chest: 24#-54#) 20 - 40 Lbs PUSH (0-20 pounds force) PULL (0-20 pounds force) # CLIMB - STAIRS LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0#-36#) 0 - 20 Lbs LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0#-36#) 20 - 40 Lbs LIFT (Waist to Eye: up to 54#) 0 - 20 Lbs LIFT (Overhead: 54# and above) 0 - 20 Lbs SQUAT Repetitive KNEEL (on knees) REACH - Forward REACH - Upward ENTER # EXIT VEHICLE/MACHINERY SIT STAND WALK - LEVEL SURFACE LIFT (Knee to chest: 24#-54#) 0 - 20 Lbs SQUAT Static (hold #30 sec) BEND FORWARD at waist ROTATE TRUNK Sitting ROTATE TRUNK Standing FINGER DEXTERITY PINCH Fingers GRASP Hand/Fist CARRY 1-handed, 0 - 20 pounds CARRY 2-handed, 0 - 20 pounds MANUAL DEXTERITY Hands/wrists

Weekend Required: None

Salary Range: $17.35 - $25.48

Overtime Rule: 40

Posted: 03/05/2018

Req #: 39904