DynCorp International LLC. Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Technician in OCONSEMARANG, Indonesia

Job Summary

The Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Technician performs inspection, maintenance, repair and overhaul of Aircrew Life Support Equipment (ALSE), personal survival equipment and aircraft installed survival equipment including Night Vision Devices (NVDs).

Principal Accountabilities (Typical duties include the following, although specific duties vary by assignment or contract.)

  • Conduct equipment inspection, fitting, adjustment and aircrew instruction in the survival, use, and care of life support equipment.
  • Inspect maintain, and evaluate life support equipment and activities, to include receipt, handling and storage of life support equipment.
  • Use appropriate references and other publications to maintain appropriate and thorough records, maintenance and inspection forms, training aids, and on-board aircraft survival equipment.
  • Assist the safety of the shop, hangar and flight line.
  • Maintain cleanliness and general maintenance of the associated work area and tools and equipment assigned.
  • Maintain, conduct test and repair of Night Vision Devices (NVD), and ensures appropriate NVD records are maintained.
  • May conducts life support and survival continuation training for assigned personnel.
  • Perform other qualified duties as assigned. Knowledge & Skills

  • Ability to read, write and communicate effectively in English.

  • Knowledge and skill required to efficiently and safely performing all ALSE tasks. Specific areas will include safety, ALSE supply/logistics operations, maintenance, inspections, shop efficiency, fitting training, shop administration, and record keeping.
  • Knowledge of military logistics systems and applicable publications.
  • Additional knowledge and skill requirements may vary by assignment.

    Experience & Education

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.

  • Two (2) years or more years’ experience of relevant experience in aviation life support field (current within four (4) years of application date).
  • Successful completion of the US or foreign military ALSE technician course.

    Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Lift/push/pull minimum of sixty (60) pounds.

  • Living and working conditions at the assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable.
  • Long hours, exposure to weather, hazardous conditions, noise hazards in an aviation environment.
  • Personnel should be aware of moving on short notice and under adverse conditions.


  • Ability to travel domestically and internationally.

Job: *Aviation / Support

Title: Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Technician


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