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American Water Plant Operator in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania

Do you have a passion for the environment? A love of science and chemistry? This job may be just what you are looking for! A /water plant operator/ oversees the process and equipment that treat water to make it safe to drink in our local communities. This position will require you to be able to work various hours across all shifts, including weekends and holidays. This position will be based out of our watert facility in Philipsburg, PA. Apply now for immediate consideration!

  • Primary Role*

  • Operates and controls plant machinery and equipment to purify and clarify water for human consumption and commercial and industrial use at a manned surface water plant, 2 unmanned GWR plants and 1 unmanned GUDI Well plant.

  • Remotely controls distribution pumps, tanks, and equipment to maintain water and fire service in the distribution system.

  • Physically performs weekly on-site inspections and responds to emergency maintenance issues at raw sources stations, distribution tanks, boosters, pressure reducing valve stations and 3 unmanned plants.

  • Monitors and tests water quality to ensure safe water quality.

  • Monitor and maintains compliance with source water withdrawal special conditions including maintaining minimum release requirements and wetland augmentation.

  • Key Accountabilities*

  • Monitors SCADA to operate and control electric motors, pumps, valves, and filters to regulate flow of water through the plant.

  • Dumps specified amount of chemicals, such as polymer, salt, and potassium permanganate into chemical feeders.

  • Makes adjustments to same devices to control the amount of chemical admitted into tanks, clearwells, and pipelines to disinfect, deodorize, clarify, and purify the water. (20%)

  • Controls, operates, and monitors mixers, vacuum pumps, sludge blanket levels, sludge blanket concentrations and sludge removal to clarify the water.

  • Monitors SCADA to remotely adjust and control pumps, motors, and chemical feed equipment, to regulate pressures, water elevations, flow of water, and quality of water in the distribution system. (10%)

  • Monitors filter operation to maintain water quality and determine backwashing scheduling.

  • Collects and tests water samples from various process points to determine acidity, color, turbidity, pH, bacteria content, treatment application, odor, and other impurities, using various laboratory equipment such as electrodes, colorimeters, mixers,turbidimeters, titrators, mixers and hot plates. (35%)

  • Maintains and tests online analytical instruments monitoring water quality.

  • Records data such as test results, chemical dosages, weights, and volumes, water quality information, operational problems, and compliance monitoring as required by various State and Federal regulations. (16%)

  • Responds to consumer complaints, emergencies, answers telephone or makes notification to appropriate supervisors about same.

  • Loads / unloads/receives chemicals and materials used to purify and operate the water treatment systems.

  • Cleans and maintains work place. (12%)

  • Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor. (7%)

  • Knowledge/Skills*

/ Required Knowledge:/

  • Knowledge of water purification processes, basic scientific concepts, water quality standards and regulations.

  • Working knowledge of basic mechanical and automated control systems.

  • Ability to obtain Waterworks Operators Certificate (Plant Specific) within three to five years, depending on class.

  • Must adhere to company policies regarding mandatory shift coverage when required.

/ Required Skills:/

  • Communicate in an effective manner, both oral and written, with the general public and company personnel. Read and understand instructions, safety rules, etc.

  • Mathematical skills sufficient to be able to calculate dosages, surface areas, volumes, weights, measures and algebraic formulas.

  • Mechanical ability sufficient to operate pumps, valves, motors and other mechanical equipment related to plant operation and maintenance.

  • Must cope with environmental conditions including contact with water, chemicals, fumes, odors and dust as a result of working with and handling potentially hazardous water treatment and laboratory chemicals.

  • Minimum exposure to inclement weather mostly of short duration.

  • Must be able to comply with continuing education requirements as needed for Operator certification renewal.

  • Experience/Education*

  • /Experience:/*

  • Over one year of experience in water treatment or production preferred.

/ Education:/

  • High school graduate or equivalent.

  • Specific Vocational Preparation includes an occupationally significant combination of vocational education, apprentice training, in-plant training, on-the-job training, or essential experience in less responsible jobs.

  • Company, state, federal, private, or county sponsored courses will be attended to improve job skills.

  • Work Environment*

  • Work is both inside and outside: a job is considered “both” if the activities occur inside or outside in approximately equal amounts.

  • Wet and humid: Wet: Contact with water or other liquids. Humid: Atmospheric condition with moisture content sufficiently high to cause marked bodily discomfort.

  • Noise and Vibration: Sufficient noise, either constant or intermittent, to cause marked distraction or possible injury to the sense of hearing, and/or sufficient vibration (production of an oscillating movement or strain on the body or its extremes from repeated motion or shock) to cause bodily harm if endured day after day.

  • Hazards: Situations in which the individual is exposed to the definite risk of bodily injury.

  • Exposure to: Odors, toxic conditions, chemical dust or dust or poor ventilation.

  • Shift/Schedule*

  • Rotating Shift

/ Competencies/

  • Champions safety

  • Customer obsessed

  • Cultivates innovation

  • Nimble learning

  • Drives Results

  • Collaborates

  • Join American Water...We Keep Life Flowing*™

  • American Water is firmly committed to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and prohibits employment discrimination for employees and applicants* based on his or her age, race, color, pregnancy, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, marital status, citizenship, or because he or she is an individual with a disability, protected veteran or other status protected by federal, state, and local laws.