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HCA, Hospital Corporation of America AVP Infection Prevention in Richmond, Virginia

PRIMARY FUNCTION: Serves a leader in aligning HCA’s key strategies in reducing infections as well as a primary support for the division and all of its entities. Responsible for establishing mission, vision, goals and direction for effective infection prevention and control programs for hospitals and outpatient services for the division. Functions as main source of IP contact for division and corporate offices. Serves as the division’s infection prevention officer.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES ( The essential responsibilities and accountabilities of this position including interactions with other departments and outside vendors, if applicable, in PRIORITY order.)


  1. Proven leadership skills in healthcare environments, expertise in acute care systems and/or complex large teaching healthcare institutions with ability to provide leadership, guidance and support for the division.
  2. Alignment with HCA Division and Corporate Infection Prevention strategy
  3. Experience in developing successful IP Programs across a continuum
  4. Strong collaborative partnerships with internal and external partners (i.e. leaders in medical staff, nursing, surgical team, EVS, state dept. of heath, etc.) for team building to improves process
  5. Capability to build a strong IP program across the system by:
    1. Hiring, developing and sustaining facility infection prevention talent in alignment with the division model
    2. Implementing strategic program to reduce infections
    3. Reviewing, creating, standardizing facility competencies and processes
    4. Assessing facility needs across the division – including skill level, educational needs, team engagement
    5. Building a strong alignment with HCA Infection Prevention program
  6. Expertise in process improvement in the realm of HAI trended data/outcomes; expertise in the reduction/elimination of infection prevention risks (i.e High level disinfection, hand hygiene compliance)
    1. Capability to measure, analyze, improve and scale postive outcomes in partnership with quality
  7. Must have strong verbal and written communication skills
  8. Proficient in consulting, teaching, preparing presentations for diverse groups and stakeholders
  9. Proficient in NHSN:

    1. Operational and surveillance definitions, including plans and location mapping
    2. Data entry, assessment, analysis and timely reporting
    3. Timely submission requirements of events and denominators
      1. Capability to Aim For Zero – create a sense of urgency in improving patient care and outcomes
      2. Utilization of evidence-based practice(s)
      3. Ability to travel as needed to all facilities within the division’s purview
      4. Ability to interact and collaborate with leadership at all levels
      5. Can take action as appropriate with direction from division leadership and CSG/corporate teams
      6. Experience/ knowledge in data mining systems
      7. Demonstrate Infection Prevention Expertise
    4. Knowledgeable in outbreak investigations and control
    5. Knowledge of epidemiologic investigative methodologies.
    6. Clinical knowledge related to processes of care
      1. Demonstrated leadership experience.
      2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
      3. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
      4. Strong organizational and project management skills.
      5. Effective skills in review of scientific literature and evidence-based research.
      6. Ability to take complex scientific concepts and simplify into practical understandable terms.
      7. Knowledge of quality/performance improvement methodologies.
      8. Knowledge of regulatory requirements (OSHA, CMS, State Department of Health), accreditation standards (Joint Commission, state regulatory agencies) and evidence based practice guidelines (CDC).
      9. Ability to initiate, interpret, and act upon oral and written communication from or with physicians, peers, patients, family/visitors, supervisors and departments.
      10. Ability to relate to medical, administrative, clinical and professional staff to facilitate quality/performance improvement and infection prevention and control activities.
      11. Ability to establish effective interpersonal relationships and utilize team facilitation skills.
      12. Knowledge of electronic medical record and surveillance software programs for data analysis and presentation.

    DIRECTION: Under the direction of the DVPQ or DCMO, act as the IP leader in delivering the HCA infection prevention strategy and in creating the division’s infection prevention mission and values.

    MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Provides the mission and strategic approach to developing, operationalizing, and sustaining a strong infection prevention program for the Division. Creates a safe environment for all division entities, free from infections by integrating leadership skills with expert knowledge.

    Standards: 1. Designs and implements a Division- based mission/vision statement, a risk assessment and a strategic plan for the Division Infection Prevention Program based on system evaluation. 2. Develops goals, objectives and action plans in accordance with HCA Infection Prevention mission and strategic initiatives to decrease healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and any exposures to infectious agents. 3. Prioritizes objectives to align with strategic initiatives and budgets; keeps entity programs focused on clinical priorities. 4. Works closely with HCA in assuring standards are consistently met and operationalized. 5. Evaluates progress and revises strategic plan as needed for the division 6. Responsible for division HAI scorecards and dashboards including validation in accordance with clinical goals. 7. Serves as a leader for NHSN, data mining entities, and other networks within the IP space. Serves as system NHSN (National Healthcare Safety Network) Facility Administrator for purposes of internal surveillance, accurate and timely public reporting and CMS compliance.

    Directs and coordinates infection prevention and control program division-wide through a variety of activities involving medical staff and personnel to ensure protection of patients, families, visitors, employees and healthcare personnel.


    1. Provides leadership for development and implementation of a risk-based surveillance system that identifies trends in healthcare associated infections and provides direction for surveillance activities.
    2. Provides division leadership for analysis and reporting of infection data, developing action plans and interventions, and assessing success of actions in follow-up.
    3. Designs, with key stakeholders, data-driven, cost-effective interventions to reduce healthcare associated infections and occupational exposures, and facilitates implementation of interventions.
    4. Consults with Physician Epidemiologist regarding infection rates, exposures, outbreaks and other infection prevention and control issues.
    5. Provides administrative direction to ensure that surveillance programs and interventions to reduce infections and occupational exposures are supported by scientific research, or are innovative but based on sound principles of epidemiology and knowledge of disease transmission, and demonstrate potential for improving clinical outcomes and decreasing costs were possible.
    6. Evaluates annually effectiveness of infection prevention and control plan and programs and recommends changes as needed.
    7. Provides direction in areas of questions regarding room placement and isolation techniques for management of infectious patients.
    8. Collaborates with Employee Occupational Health Service in following up on employee infections, exposures to infectious patients, and in developing and implementing policies related to infection prevention and management of healthcare personnel with infectious conditions.
    9. Act as the main source of contact for the EEOC for any infectious disease agents or disasters that impact IP for division entities; directs and determines need for personnel and environmental cultures in context of epidemiologic investigations.

      1. In conjunction with leadership, integrates infection prevention and control measures into newly offered patient care service lines.
      2. Directs review process of policies and procedures for infection prevention and control.
      3. Initiates and conducts environmental rounds of site and remote outpatient settings s at least annually to identify and give direction for opportunities to improve in partnership with HCA clinical and regulatory programs.
      4. Serves as administrative lead consultant and content expert resource for Communications/Marketing on infection prevention and control related topics.
      5. Serves on Patient Safety Quality Committee and other healthcare committees as appropriate as representative for infection prevention and control.

      o Serves as regulatory chapter expert for Joint Commission Standards and state standards on Surveillance, Prevention and Control of Infections.

    10. Serves as Infection Control Officer for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation for Infection Control.

  10. Assists with and provides administrative direction and organization for all epidemic investigations occurring at facilities related to healthcare associated or community-acquired infections and/or occupational exposures in order to assure necessary patient safety and risk management practices are addressed following current evidence-based approach and regulatory requirements. Standards:
  11. Provides guidance for the coordination, development and education and educational materials regarding disease transmission and practices for infection prevention and control for all system entities.
  12. Provides leadership and consultation to medical staff (MEC) and leadership at all levels Standards: md5-b9d93ea53e31d0fff485bafb8963b65d

    RELEVANT WORK (Minimumamount of specifically related experience which is required to perform the role at this level.

    Experience Note in Other additional specific exp.)

5 years

MANAGEMENT ( Minimum amount of specifically related experience which is required to perform the role at this level.

Experience Note in Other additional specific exp.)

3 years

EDUCATION (Minimum formal academic training which typically provides the knowledge and skills necessary for successful job performance.

Note in Other if experience may be substituted.) Master’s Degree Required

OTHER/SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS (Required licenses, certificates, specific skills, personal traits, e.g., RN, CPA, able to type 90 wpm, detail orientation.)

  • Master’s degree or higher in a healthcare clinical or healthcare administration-related field.
  • Current state license (if in state requiring profession license).
  • Current Certification in Infection Control (CIC).

Job: *Directors & Managers

Title: AVP Infection Prevention

Location: Virginia-Richmond-Richmond FSC

Requisition ID: 25505-46330