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Vinnell Arabia SME MT TRNG TEAM 2 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Category US Job Only


Req Code 2112-007


Grade 4-L1

Basic Functions ​Subject Matter Expert (SME) Mentor/Trainer (M/T) to the Ministry of the National Guard Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), and soldiers. Designs, develops, and facilitates collective training events from Platoon to Battalion-size units that set the conditions for the effective conduct of troop leading procedures (TLP), rehearsals, preparation, and execution of full spectrum operations. Provides Subject Matter Expertise and train-coach-mentors collective unit tasks during the conduct of Situation Training Exercises (STXs), Field Training Exercises (FTXs), Tactical Exercises Without Troops (TEWTs), Exercise Evaluations (EXEVALs), and Combat Training Center (CTC) rotations. Mentors and trains designated personnel tasked to perform Opposing Forces (OPFOR) duties. Provides support during the facilitation of an Observer/Controller-Trainer (OC/T) Program, and when required, may perform OC/T duties. Ensures that the training complies with MNG doctrine. Assists the Team Chief as required.

Major Duties and Responsibilities ​A. Duties/responsibilities:

  1. Designs, develops, and facilitates unit collective battle-focused training.

  2. Develops training products such as programs of instruction, lesson plans, training aids, and other products as required.

  3. Mentors and trains Company Officers, NCOs, and soldiers during maneuver training or as directed by the Training Team Chief.

  4. Responsible for mentoring, training, and the operations of OPFOR assets during STXs and FTXs.

  5. Mentors and trains Platoon to Battalion-size units during conventional, unconventional, and internal security operations, specializing in Signal/Communications tactics, techniques, and procedures.

  6. Mentors and trains units during TLPs.

  7. Facilitates the OC-T training program.

  8. Mentors and trains designated personnel tasked to perform OPFOR duties.

  9. Mentors and trains the company-level operations order development process. Familiar with the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP.)

  10. Knowledgeable of full spectrum operations and the hybrid threat operational environment.

  11. Provides input during the development of a training event After Action Review (AAR) report.

  12. Knowledgeable about the installation and troubleshooting of the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) equipment.

  13. Performs other duties as required by the Team Chief.

B. Independence: Performs his duties under the supervision of the Chief Training Team 2.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: 1 Interpreter/Translator.

Minimum Qualifications ​A. Education Level: Level: Graduate of the Senior Leaders Course, First Sergeants Academy, Sergeant Majors Academy, or Captains Career Course required. Knowledge of Signal/Communications tactics, techniques, and procedures desired. Knowledge of internal security operations desired.

B. Experience: Former Sergeant First Class (E-7) to Captain (O-3) with combat arms (Armor, Infantry, Engineer, Field Artillery, or Special Forces) experience required. Signal or Military Police knowledge and experience accepted. Eight (8) years of planning, training, and operational experience required. Experience with battalion and company level planning desired. Previous staff experience with order production process desired. Deployment and combat training center experience preferred.

C. Specific knowledge, skill, and ability, requirements: Must be able to communicate effectively orally and in writing. Must be able to interface with U.S. Army and MNG Officers. Knowledge of current US Army and OPFOR tactics and training doctrine. Previous experience with the foreign military, especially in an advisory role preferred. Ability to work with and adjust to customs and courtesies of the Host Nation Country. Possess a valid driver’s license. MS Windows 10 and MS Office 2016 proficient.