HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Pharmacy Controlled Substance Technician in Salem VA, Virginia

LewisGale Medical Center (LGMC) delivers quality care to our patients located in the beautiful mountainous region of Southwest Virginia. LGMC is a 521-bed acute care facility and is the largest hospital in the LewisGale Regional Health System (LGRHS). Through our extensive network stretching from the Alleghany Highlands and Rockbridge County to the Roanoke and New River Valleys, we have the privilege of serving more than 250,000 patients each year.

LewisGale is also ranked among the top hospitals in Virginia and the nation for benchmarked quality cancer care, patient safety and satisfaction and health outcomes. Lastly, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have ranked us among the top hospitals nationwide on quality measures for our services and treatments to address heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical care.

We offer a working environment that's as nurturing as it is dynamic. With our team-oriented approach, and the ample opportunities we provide for learning and career growth, we know you'll find that Lewis Gale Medical Center offers the ideal atmosphere where you can use your best skills. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package, a matching 401(k) plan, referral bonuses, outstanding educational assistance and resources, plus a generous paid time-off plan.

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1. Oversight of all aspects of the hospital’s controlled substance distribution system: a. Ordering and Inventory Control – a. Monitors usage and notifies pharmacy purchasing agent of drugs which need to be ordered. b. Conducts monthly inventory of CII Safe with assigned Pharmacist. Verifies daily inventory of designated high-risk non-ADC (automated dispensing cabinet, such as Pyxis) areas. c. Ensures correct counts of all controlled substances are maintained. d. Accurately pulls/ verifies controlled medications for delivery to ADC and ancillary units. e. Receives controlled substance order into CII safe, accurately entering invoice information and ensuring each medication has readable barcode. f. Ensures all expired medications are removed from circulation and quarantined in appropriate area to await return or destruction. g. Works closely with IV admixture area to maintain proper par levels of control drips. h. Conducts ongoing Quality Assurance and PI projects in this area.

b. Record Keeping – a. Maintains records to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations regarding distribution of controlled substances. b. Maintains ongoing Rx Auditor reports and follow through. Prepares and presents monthly diversion prevention dashboard, quarterly FECC report, and reviews prior to meetings with department managers. Works with nursing to assure weekly counts are completed. c. Reviews ADC/CII Safe compare report daily and investigates cause of any variation. d. Reconciles non-automated dispensing records and investigates any missing documentation. e. Assures 48 hour (minimum 20 cases) audits are completed monthly in all procedural areas, including Anesthesia Chain of Custody. f. File reports and maintains for required periods, including EMS (ODEMSA)-CS Forms. g. Maintains update list of approved Power of Attorneys for the department.

c. Discrepancy Reports – a. Reviews CII Safe and ADC discrepancies daily and monitors for valid correction. b. Communicates open discrepancies and incorrect documentation with nursing unit directors. c. Uses ADC and Rx Auditor software efficiently to print reports and investigate discrepancies. d. Monitors, documents, and resolves any discrepancy caused by pharmacy. e. Enters all ongoing unresolved discrepancies into Meditech Risk Module.

d. Diversion Detection – a. Prints, reviews and follows-up with monthly RxAuditor diversion reports and forwards to nursing directors. b. Conducts and /or ensures audits of hospital controlled substance distribution system to ensure compliance and identify possible diversion. c. Works with pharmacy managers to assure proper sample verification is conducted to test controlled substance waste samples as requested to verify accuracy. d. Ensure the facility is in compliance with HCA Corporate Drug Diversion Prevention Policy.

e. Training – a. Provide training to pharmacy technicians on responsibilities in controlled substance distribution. b. Provides feedback to pharmacy staff on incorrectly resolved discrepancies. c. Provides ongoing education and training to all departments handling controlled substances, including proper waste procedures. d. Works with Risk Management and Organizational Development on annual competencies on controlled substances.

2. Prepacking of Controlled Substance Medications (all technicians): a. Ensures proper procedures are followed for placing medications into unit dose packaging. b. Skilled to set up and operate unit dose prepackaging machine for oral solids. Cleans machine before and after use and avoids packaging unapproved medications. c. Accurately fills oral liquids into unit dose containers using oral syringes. Never places oral medications in IV syringes. d. Knows what information is required on unit dose medication label and labels meds appropriately. e. Understands barcode components and ensures that each medication has an accurate, unique, and readable barcode. f. Completely documents all prepacking activities in the CS prepacking log book. g. Completes annual competency on pre-packing procedures

3. Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills (all technicians): a. Promotes an atmosphere of teamwork without appearing to compete with coworkers. b. Cooperates with other employees, assisting others with workload as needed to accomplish the pharmacy mission. c. Adapts well to changes in policies and procedures and maintains a positive attitude. d. Is easily approachable when presented with a question. Takes responsibility for errors. e. Is considerate of coworkers and does not undermine the actions or comments of others. f. Understands the importance of each task and performs all tasks as assigned.

4. Service Excellence (all technicians): a. Answers the telephone and window promptly and treats all customers with respect. b. Responds to questions and requests in a timely manner. Follows-up to ensure problems are resolved. c. Verbal communication is clear, courteous, and appropriate to the position and education level of the listener. Written communication is clear, concise, and legible. d. Does not permit the dispensing of a medication if there is any doubt about its accuracy, sterility, or integrity. e. Follows all hospital and pharmacy policies and procedures.

5. Assists the Pharmacist in the Operation of the Inpatient Drug Distribution System (all technicians): a. Knows the location and proper storage of medications and supplies. b. Fills medication orders promptly and accurately. c. Knows what information is required on medication label and labels medications appropriately. d. Knows brand and generic names for medications stored in the hospital. e. Refers all clinical questions and questions requiring professional judgment to the pharmacist. f. Takes direction from the pharmacist to ensure efficient operation of the inpatient drug distribution system. g. Accurately refills medication trays and emergency boxes for double check by pharmacist.

6. Delivery/Security of Medications (all technicians): a. Performs medication delivery rounds to all areas of the hospital per assigned schedule, placing medications in appropriate refrigerator or patient bin. Delivers medications rather than using tube system whenever possible to decrease the incidence of misplaced items. b. Uses pneumatic tube system to deliver STAT medications. Avoids tubing medications on “DO NOT TUBE” list. c. Refills ADC accurately, scanning barcodes whenever possible to minimize risk of error. Always rotates stock and enters correct expiration date in ADC. d. Checks patient bins and refrigerators on assigned rounds, returning any expired or discontinued medications to the pharmacy for credit. e. Checks ADC for outdated and short-dated medications on assigned rounds. f. Cleans out ADC return bins on assigned rounds, reconciles controlled substances, and notifies charge nurse of any discrepancies prior to leaving the floor. g. Able to recover failed drawer and replace and reformat cubie drawer in ADC. h. Knows and follows ADC policies for LASA and High Risk Medications. Always places appropriate stickers in bins/drawers. i. Maintains security of medications at all times. Does not leave medications unattended. j. Recognizes controlled substances and maintains chain of custody and accuracy of documentation at all times. Enters correct counts for all controlled substances. Returns CS medications to CII safe immediately after rounds. k. Exchanges crash carts and emergency drug boxes within 30 minutes of notification.

7. Use of Technology (all technicians): a. Able to maintain and troubleshoot pharmacy printers, copier and fax machine (change paper and ink/ribbon, reset printers, etc). b. Able to use SMART label printer and Zebra printer to generate medication label and barcode. Understands content of Zebra barcode label. c. Understands the components of the Patient Medication Profile and uses this information for problem resolution. d. Understands the functions of ADC and is able to help in problem resolution. e. Completes pharmacy technology competency on Meditech, MS Office, Pyxis, Euclid, CADD Cassettes, Rx Auditor, Baxa Compounder, and other technologies as required.

8. Organization and Cleanliness of Work Environment (all technicians): a. Ensures that work areas and medication storage areas are orderly and clean. Returns items to designated areas. b. Keeps food and drink out of medication preparation and storage areas. c. Keeps cardboard boxes and other external containers out of main pharmacy area. d. Follows pharmacy policy for disposal of waste materials (sharps, cardboard, bio-hazard, etc). Segregates all expired medications away from regular stock. e. Checks all medications for integrity and expiration date prior to returning to shelves. Credits and restocks medications as soon as possible after return to pharmacy. f. Maintains appropriate stock levels, restocking shelves when low. Rotates stock. Avoids overstocking. Respects 18 inch rule. g. Performs monthly inspections (inside and outside of pharmacy) when requested. h. Inspects, scans, and distributes daily medication shipments to the proper area of the pharmacy when assigned/requested. Verifies barcode is active in ADC and pharmacy system when new medications are received.

EDUCATION: Associates Degree in related field; BS degree preferred

LICENSURE: Certified technician with Va. Board of Pharmacy; additional Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) preferred

EXPERIENCE: Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a pharmacy technician; inpatient pharmacy experience preferred

Job: *Pharmacy & Pharmacy Tech

Title: Pharmacy Controlled Substance Technician

Location: Virginia-Salem VA-Lewis-Gale Medical Center

Requisition ID: 00005-19172