7-Eleven Sr. Real Estate Representative - San Antonio, TX in San Antonio, Texas


To be an active participant of the Zone real estate team that expands the 7-Eleven brand through opening of new stores to achieve the company's market concentration and store base optimization objectives. Focus is primarily on site selection and completion of traditional real estate deals (lease/ fee/ acquisition) and identification of sites meeting site quality criteria and site attributes to qualify under the Business Conversion Program.


  • Works with the Regional Zone Director of Development to create and update Network Plans that are integrated into comprehensive,strategic, metro area business plans.

  • Analyzes potential trade areas by researching demographic variables, pedestrian/traffic counts andother activity generators relative to strength and number of competitors, and growth opportunities.

  • Drawing upon operations experience,understands local market conditions and development environment to develop development plans by zone and subzone in support of newstore growth targets. In addition to adding stores to improve market concentration, network plans also include recommendations toimproving the existing store base: i) parking lot expansions, ii) increased visibility or access, iii) gas adds, iv) major remodels or scrape andrebuilds, v) relocations to better locations in the trade area, vi) closures.

  • Evaluates and recommended specific sites within identified tradedareas for new store development.

  • Completes, requests, reviews and evaluates analysis of surrounding trade and market areas,competition, zoning ordinances, traffic counts, population demographics, etc., and estimates of potential merchandise and gasoline sales tojustify selection of a potential new store site.

  • Completes and evaluates financial rate of return information to determine financial feasibility of new store site selection.

  • Works extensively with internal and/or outside counsel, financial planning, gasoline, construction, andenvironmental services to negotiate and assist in gaining approval of new site selections and document execution.

  • Develops a pipeline ofsites by working with:

  • Multi-approved Franchisees, fuel distributors and independent multi-operators to grow their store base with SEI.

  • Localgov authorities/agencies and neighborhood groups to help identify potential sites within identified trade areas

  • Construction to ensure properresources and timely hand-off of site

  • Pipeline management - update data on sites to insure that pipeline status is adequately represented.

  • Prepares materials necessary to gain management approval of the site.

  • Prepares new store packages seeking management's approvalwhich will highlight the benefits and risks associated with the opportunity including: expected financial performance, reasons for expectedperformance, and downside risks.

  • Defends recommendations to management as needed.

  • Works with:

  • Multi-approved Franchisees, fueldistributors and multi-operators to grow their store base with SEI.

  • Local gov authorities, Community Relations, 3rd party experts, Operations and Construction on a multitude of permitting and licensing issues.

  • Franchise and Market Managers to ensure they're aware of the pipelineand timing of openings

  • Construction and Facilities to ensure construction and remodels stay on track

  • Pipeline management - update data onsites to insure that pipeline status is adequately represented

  • Proficient in negotiating deal terms and provisions in Letters of Intent, PurchaseContracts and Leases.

  • Can negotiate and complete transactions and is proficient with all SEI development options including but not limitedto BCP, Commission Fuel, organic/traditional deals, and acquisitions.

  • Assess BCP candidates lease terms for consistency with businesssystem.

  • Negotiates purchases, new leases, lease amendments with sellers / landlords and attorneys.

  • Researches appraised property value,tax information, etc., to determine fair market value for lease.

  • Negotiates contracts to include items such as lease term, cost, common areamaintenance charges, taxes, building permits, liability, etc.

  • Reviews negotiated terms to ensure compliance with SEI guidelines, policies andprocedures.

  • Proficient in negotiating deal terms and provisions in Letters of Intent, Purchase Contracts and Leases.

  • Can negotiate andcomplete transactions and is proficient with all SEI development options including but not limited to BCP, Commission Fuel,organic/traditional deals, and acquisitions.

  • Assess BCP candidates lease terms for consistency with business system and turn BCPcandidate over to Zone Franchise Sales Representative.


  • Education: Bachelors/4 Yr Degree

  • Experience: 2-3 years

  • 7-Eleven operations experience, external in a corp real estate role.

  • Skilled in SEI operations, external experience in a corporate real estate role as a dealmaker, financial acumen, negotiations and sales, analytical thinking and analysis.

  • Sales Forecast Models. Network planning and mapping.

  • Franchise contracts, UFOC filings. Drafting contracts, leases.

  • Local data report (Demographic information)

  • Internal Posting Dates: June 14th - June 27th