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MissionEssential BADGE OPERATOR in Stuttgart, Germany

Receive, review, validate and process badging requests for visitors and permanent party members. Create and issue security badges and personnel identification numbers associated with the security badge for military, civilian and Contractor personnel that require access to AFRICOM, its sub-unified commands, and tenant agencies. Use various systems including, but not limited to LENEL and the Security Site Officer (SSO) database to tailor security badge access to meet member mission requirements and need-to-know. Access daily visit requests received in JPAS (or subsequent Government adjudicative database) and input visit requests into the local SSO database. Check the badge drop box within the first (1) hour of each working day and prior to concluding daily operations. Review submitted data to include justification and verification to ensure that requested information meets security requirements for designated sensitive position. Verify the visitor request based upon mission requirement and individuals need-to-know. Validate clearances and review JPAS (or subsequent Government adjudicative database) ensure proper type of USAFRICOM credential are issued. Validate CAC cards prior to issuing badges. Input building number access and dates of operation IAW policies and in various database system such as but not limited to SSO database and LENEL system. Responsible for initiating, signing, and reviewing the civilian/military personnel records; to make a determination to the type of credential to be issued. Use the Government provided log to track all daily visitors and badge requests required, permanent party, and all other security badges that are deemed necessary by the USAFRICOM SSO. Responsible verifying and tailoring building access for all AFRICOM employee and visitor badges that are issued to a member. Produce access control rosters, as required by the BPA Order COR in writing. Validate badge termination dates and re-evaluate extension dates.

The SSO will validate and research all members that are located in Scattered Castles, and Records Message Traffic (RMT)/Mystic. Deactivate all badges. Destroy all permanent party badges after deactivation. Adhere to regulatory requirements for handling, marking, reproduction disposal, destruction, transmission, safekeeping, and storage of classified information to include but not limited to DoD Manual 5200.01 Vol 1 thru 4, DoD Manual 5200.2, ICD 704, ICPG 704-1 thru 704-5, DoD 5105.21 Vol 1 thru 3, Executive Order 13526, and applicable AFRICOM polices, directives, and instructions. Abide by all applicable regulations, publications, manuals, and local policies and procedures that govern Personnel Security Program Management. Ensure that a six (6) month supply of badging material are on hand. Maintain office files, post and file regulations, answer telephonic, electronic, and written inquiries of a routine nature, compose and type correspondence and other final products accurately and efficiently. Adhere to the SOP (if established) for granting access to secure areas. Provide customer service by assisting AFRICOM member’s in/out-processing (to include PWS-relevant sponsorship items).