Oracle Facility Coordinator in Vienna, Austria

Facility Coordinator

Preferred Qualifications



a) Obtain vendor price quotes, prepare purchase requisitions with accompanying justification via Self Service Applications, obtain vendor statements of work, arrange for new vendor setup, prepare check requests and route requests to appropriate management level for approval as applies to OREF.

b) Maintain adequate inventory of general office supplies including supplies for office equipment.

c) Seek to identify cost effective purchasing alternatives.

d) Monitor vendor payment status to ensure purchase orders are not over-billed and vendors receive timely payment to avoid disruption in service.

e) Maintain adequate funds for meter. Where applicable, prepare check requests for postage.

f) Prepare monthly PO report to monitor run rate against established PO amount.

g) Submit new supplier templates and regularly validate information

General Office Equipment/Audio Visual Equipment

a) Coordinate all maintenance agreement schedules, renewals, payments and site visits per contractual stipulations. Document and track all service anc costs.

b) Ensure operational effectiveness of all equipment; coordinate repairs as required.

c) Understand FOH wireless and how to assign passwords

d) Provide non- technical support and training on phones as needed.

e) Ensure installed AV equipment as well as portable equipment is functional; coordinate repairs as required. Service yearly and track all costs.

f) Assist in troubleshooting AV problems and be available to assist with spontaneous equipment requirements.

g) Investigate equipment upgrade alternatives in accordance with corporate purchasing standards and offer justification to management.

h) Where applicable, coordinate installation, troubleshooting, and viewing of all video conferences.

i) Understand and help with Videoconference reservations for equipment and room


a) Provide assistance to other office employees.

b) Provide backup for other facility personnel as needed.

c) Coordinate repairs within physical office space such as carpeting, repainting, etc.

d) Function as a liaison between Oracle, property manager, and other vendors.

e) Resolve or coordinate timely resolution for all facilities requests, such as temperature complaints, conference scheduling conflicts, etc.

f) Maintain listing of emergency contacts and procedures.

g) Troubleshoot data/telecommunication problems in common areas before notifying helpdesk.

h) Initiate wiring or work requests as requested and assist in new employee setup

i) Conduct workspace occupancy and conference room surveys as directed.

j) Establish preliminary space plans and identify alternatives; coordinate requirements.

k) Interact with various groups and collect information regarding headcount growth requirements.

l) Establish and communicate move coordination requirements.

m) Prepare move coordination forms, issue boxes, labels, and distribute information.

n) Follow up to resolve outstanding move coordination issues.

o) Respond to information requests.

p) Monitor all costs associated with mail and delivery services; report excessive costs and cost savings opportunities to the facility manager.

q) Report all telecommunication and data system problems to Global IT Helpdesk and FM immediately.


a) Maintain work activity log including to do list and tasks accomplished; review daily with manager.

b) Complete monthly reports in approved format.

c) Update quarterly the log of maintenance contracts.

d) Maintain adequate records and logs as defined by manager.

e) Conduct formal quarterly Facility Inspection Report and submit to facility manager.

f) Maintain current inventory of all facility owned asset equipment.

g) Prepare Property Manager and headcount report information as directed.

h) Conduct workspace occupancy and conference room surveys as directed.

New Hire Orientation

a) Assign space for new hires.

b) Orient new employees to general office procedures.

c) Participate as required in new hire orientation presentations with HR, sales, and education.

Problem solving

a) Prioritize conflicting responsibilities and schedules.

b) Report problems as required.

c) Communicate as required to the necessary parties involved.

d) In the event of a facilities emergency coordinate with other facilities and building personnel to achieve timely resolution.

e) Contribute and assist in documenting emergency procedures manual.

f) Communicate closure of an issue to one’s own manager as well as the requestor.

Safety & Security

a) Maintain file emergency contacts.

b) Function as after-hours contact for Oracle Security, Country FM and property management.

c) Responsible for overall office safety & security. Understand evacuation proceedures and be able to explain to new hires.

d) Track all keys, locks and special locked rooms

e) Assist in coordination of safety procedures such as fire extinguisher inspections, fire drills, etc.

f) Maintain secure and accurate office key and security card assignments; minimize distribution.

g) Ensure all security system and badge assignments are accurate and current.

h) Take new hire pictures for badges and process

i) Acting on direction of corporate security, provide assistance as required.

j) Maintain emergency procedures manual information.

k) Complete training on CPR and safety as required.

l) Coordinate badge reader time change requests

m) Coordinate ergonomic and safety training requirements.

n) Complete weekly office inspections, identifying areas of concern and initiating resolution.

o) Maintain and monitor surveillance equipment if necessary.

p) Be available for after-hours emergencies.

q) Assist Emergency Response Team in sites of 50 employees.


1) Oracle Core Competencies:

a) Innovation

b) Planning and Organizing

c) Quality

d) Customer Focus

e) Honest & Integrity

2) Function Specific Competencies:

a) Experience in dealing with outside vendors, negotiating agreements and working in a sales office environment

b) Use of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and email

c) Excellent problem solving skills

d) Understanding of office procedures and property management responsibilities

e) Analytical skills

f) Excellent organizational skills and follow through on task assignments

g) Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and handle multiple tasks

h) Ability to use effective time management skills

i) Responsiveness to customer requests and service issues

j) Development of work processes and elimination of unnecessary or redundant steps

k) Ability to interact with all levels within the company, external customers and vendors

l) Demonstrable operating knowledge of office equipment

m) Comprehensive understanding of EMEA Field Real Estate & Facilities Space Policies and Ranking

n) Understand space assignment process through Property Manager and capacities.

o) Ability to accurately complete tasks within specified deadlines

p) Ability to negotiate with internal users regarding space requirements.

q) Ability to assign appropriate level of urgency to specific situations, especially relative to action requests generated by upper management.

r) Ability to obtain closure on relevant issues.

Detailed Description and Job Requirements

Provide building and office management services for economy of operation and maximum usage of facilities and equipment. Work with external vendors to develop and implement facilities plans. Review vendor contracts, onsite vendor performance, timely work order completion, and construction related activities. Participate in collaborative space planning efforts with internal resources and user groups. Prepare and monitor annual property budget and other related costs in facility planning. This position will interface with both senior management as well as individual contributors.

As a member of our Real Estate and Facilities team, you will assist the building or office manager in all aspects of daily operations. This may include managing Oracle

  • s office space and equipment. Ensure adherence to company guidelines, processes and building and safety codes. Obtain, review and estimate design costs including equipment, installation, labor, materials, and preparation. Prepare annual budget. Conduct benchmarking.

Duties and tasks are standard with some variation. Completes own role largely independently within defined policies and procedures using problem solving skills. Excellent communication and decision making skills. Familiarity with email and MS Office applications is essential. Willing to function as after-hours contact for facilities emergencies. May be required to be accessible via phone or pager. Degree, relevant certification or equivalent with 2-5 years prior facilities or property assistant experience preferred.

As part of Oracle's employment process candidates will be required to complete a pre-employment screening process, prior to an offer being made. This will involve identity and employment verification, salary verification, professional references, education verification and professional qualifications and memberships (if applicable).

Job: Facilities

Location: AT-AT,Austria-Vienna

Job Type: Regular Employee Hire

Organization: Oracle