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Responsibilities• Develop/present current intelligence and mission briefings to supported mission crews (to include all associated distributed mission sites nodes) and mission update, highlights, and roll-up briefings to AF Distributed Common Ground System leadership as requested.• Develop and deliver airborne collection tracks and sensor optimization plans; be part of the mission crew for each high altitude mission. The plan will consist of aircraft track, targets and collection plan and comply with objectives established prior to each mission.• Monitor the mission from start to finish and make necessary retasking and/or change the aircraft track as given by the Mission Operations Commander (MOC). The only limit to the number of retasks/track alterations is the allotted mission time, to include extension of scheduled mission times.• Liaison between AF Distributed Ground System Four, 3 AF and other EUCOM, AFRICOM theater and external organizations and customers on collection and exploitation requirements; perform task allocation and de-confliction, and workflow and production capabilities management.• Develop and conduct intelligence, mission highlights and mission status briefings for Squadron, Group, Wing, Major Command and geographic Combatant Command leaders, as required. • Maintain current knowledge of all assigned AF Distributed Common Ground System platforms/sensors.• Continuously build/maintain overall adversary situational awareness picture for AOR and feed to all associated AF Distributed Common Ground System mission crews to include trend analysis and adversary assessments/predictions.• Enhance AF Distributed Common Ground System information from external intelligence sources by: Data-mining into external agency intelligence databases, communicating and collaborating with other tactical ISR platforms and monitoring information services and data links.• Synchronize analysis efforts with daily operations and continuously communicate with internal mission segments (e.g. NASIC, AF Distributed Common Ground System, DART), in-theatre analytical elements and other external intelligence sources to identify valid ad hoc collection requirements/emerging targets and recognize opportunities to satisfy them with available sensors.