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MissionEssential Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Analysis Support in Germany

Responsibilities• Create, update, and modify CONOPs/OIs/references as necessary to reflect most current guidance. • Create, update, and modify reporting databases, keeping track of and reporting current trends in reporting analysis as requested.• Create, update and disseminate SIGINT reporting guidance and criteria as necessary to ensure tasking is fulfilled as requested.• Create, update, and modify SIGINT operator handbooks, working aids, and directives, in order to ensure the most accurate information and guidance is published as requested.• Provide SIGINT Collection Support to provide analysis, recommendations, and information to the Government in fulfilling SIGINT collection requirements.• Provide technical and functional support in the SIGINT portion of the AF Distributed Ground System Four collection management office.• Provide analysis, recommendations, and information in the interpretation and dissemination of SIGINT collection guidance and planning.• Develop and maintain a continuity folder that includes, as a minimum, official duty processes, contacts, and procedures as requested. • Provide continuity information to COR upon request. • Share experience/ training information with other AF Distributed Ground System Four personnel. • Monitor all Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) activity to provide threat warning during missions. Total missions per week will not exceed mandatory mission/crew rest work schedules. The ELINT data collected for threat warning will be provided to the SIGINT analysts for incorporation into the product reports within system reporting timelines specified in the applicable guidance.