MissionEssential Standardization and Evaluations Liaison Officer (SELO). in Germany

• Execute 693 ISRG Standardization and Evaluation program as part of the AF Distributed• Common Ground System effort to support global combat operations. • Provide all-source, fused, near-real-time intelligence to AF, joint/combined task force, and unified Command• Commanders worldwide to meet AF, theater and national objectives.• Conduct Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), SIGINT, Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT), and Human Intelligence analysis; produce all-source intelligence products. • Prepare basic-descriptive and current intelligence reports, collection manuals, and instructions to field collectors in assigned area of responsibility IAW office procedures as requested. • Determine sources of data and sample sizes. • Plan, design, and conduct test(s) to obtain data. • Evaluate incoming intelligence reports and information, collection plans, and programs. • Develop and project data, draw conclusions, and estimate probabilities based on knowledge of current and past intelligence trends as requested.• Develop crew go/no-go checklists and verify Squadrons’ compliance through periodic inspections and observing go/no-go determinations as requested. • Assist in organizing periodic Standardization and Evaluation Boards to apprise the applicable commanders of trends in crew proficiency and develop action plans to correct adverse trends as requested.• Ensure operational guidelines and standardization policies governing all 693 ISRG products are adhered to, including standards prescribed by Wing and higher headquarters.